Hanks Blog Football League 2007

  1. Deep Run Tar Heels — L. Tomlinson, RB, SD (Ho-hum. I’ve seen probably 200 drafts and he’s gone No. 1 in all of them)
  2. Tobacco Road Tigers — P. Manning, QB, Ind (Way, way, way too high; he’s questionable in the first round. Tap made a boo-boo that makes me VERY happy at No. 3…) 
  3. Free Press Predators — S. Jackson, RB, StL (I wouldn’t quite call him a steal at No. 2, but I’ve not seen him go lower than 2 in a few weeks)
  4. Screaming Seahawks — L. Johnson, RB, KC (Safe pick. LJ is going to have a rough few weeks until he gets back into the flow, but he’ll be fine)
  5. Henderson Gunners — F. Gore, RB, SF (Solid pick. Gore was last year’s breakout player and could be a top-3 before all is said and done)
  6. Tom Sheehey All-Stars — J. Addai, RB, Ind (The first REAL steal of the draft to this point. I’m projecting Addai as the No. 3 overall player, so for him to slip to 6 is good for BW)
  7. Gridiron Gladiators — R. Bush, RB, NO (Bush is a dual threat who is going to get his fantasy points. A good pick at this spot)
  8. Exlax Induced Bowel Explosion — S. Alexander, RB, Sea (Another good pick; but since this is Drew’s 55th draft, he should be used to making good picks!) 
  9. GC Rams — T. Brady, QB, NE (OK, this is a serious reach. Brady is going to have a good season, but he would’ve been available in the third round)
  10. Pawtucket Pot Roasts — W. Parker, RB, Pit (Solid pick. This is about where I had Parker projected) 
  11. Jeter drinks wine coolers — D. Brees, QB, NO (Three QBs in the first round? Doggone it guys, I thought we were getting some professionals in this draft. Brees would’ve been available in the late third to early fourth round)
  12. + arod drinks them with a straw — L. Maroney, RB, NE (Another safe pick, especially with the QB hoarding going on above him)


13. + arod drinks ‘em with a straw — C. Johnson, WR, Cin (Arguably the best WR in the draft and he goes in the first pick of the second round. Solid pick)

14. Jeter drinks wine coolers — B. Westbrook, RB, Phi (Heelsfan redeems his horrible first-round pick with a good pick here. Westbrook will be solid again for Philly)

15. Pawtucket Pot Roasts — R. Johnson, RB, Cin (Another beneficiary of the ridiculous first-round picks. R. Johnson paired with W. Parker is a fantastic start to a team)

16. GC Rams — M. Harrison, WR, Ind (Head-scratcher here … you do know you need RBs in this league, right? Harrison will do fine, but I can think of at least three RBs you could’ve picked here who would produce more points)

17. Exlax Induced Bowel Explosion — M. Drew, RB, Jax (I know you’re married to the two-RB thing, but you essentially drafted a part-time starter with your No. 2 pick?)

18. Gridiron Gladiators — W. McGahee, RB, Bal (A spectacular pick. Really surprised Exlax didn’t pick him)

19. Tom Sheehey All Stars — T. Henry, RB, Den (Another great pick; along with Addai, I have to think this is the best first two rounds of the draft)

20. Henderson Gunners — R. Wayne, WR, Ind (A bit of a reach only if Harrison doesn’t begin the slide I think he is set to start. Otherwise, a good compliment to Gore in the first round)

21. Screaming Seahawks — C. Palmer, QB, Cin (All he did was continue the run on QBs. In that vein, not a bad pick)

22. Free Press Predators — R. Brown, RB, Mia (Not a great pick. Barely 1,000 yards last year and 5 TDs?)

23. Tobacco Road Tigers — D. McAlister, RB, NO (Another reach here. Why pick up a parttime RB when there are still a couple of sole No. 1’s out there?)

24. Deep Run Tar Heels — T. Jones, RB, NYJ (A good pick. It’s Jones’ show in NY and he’ll make the most of it. Tobacco, this is one of the backs I was referring to)


25. Deep Run Tar Heels — D. McNabb, QB, Phi (A little too early, but I understand that with a wrap-around pick like this, he wanted a QB)

26. Tobbaco Road Tigers — T. Owens, WR, Dal (Tap’s first solid pick. Owens should have a good year for the Boys)

27. Free Press Predators — S. Smith, WR Car (OK, I’m a homer, but this is an excellent pick; Smith is projected as an early second-rounder to late second-rounder and I got him this late. Helps make up for my screwed-up Ronnie Brown pick)

28. Screaming Seahawks — C. Benson, RB, Chi (A solid third-round pick of perhaps the most underrated fantasy player of the year. Benson will end up being a top-8 RB this year)

29. Henderson Gunners — M. Lynch, RB, Buf (At first blush, seems to be a reach pick, but we know what his predecessors have done in Buffalo; third straight player for Randy who has a bye week in Week 6)

30. Tom Sheehey All Stars — T. Holt, WR, StL (A steal at No. 30. With Henry and Addai, Sheehey is building a powerhouse)

31. Gridiron Gladiators — M. Bulger, QB, StL (Six QBs taken in the first three and a half rounds? Sheesh. Leave some for the rest of us!)

32. Exlax Induced Bowel Explosion — R. Williams, WR, Det (RB, RB, WR — typical Drew Loftis. This is just about exactly where I had Williams slotted)

33. GC Rams — A. Gates, TE, SD (After waiting two hours, GC Rams lucks out and gets a great pick. Chalk one up for fanball)

34. Pawtucket Pot Roasts — L. Fitzgerald, WR, Ari (Another great selection. The Pot Roasts and Sheehey have the early lead for the “great draft” award)

35. Jeter drinks wine coolers — L. Evans, WR, Buf (Not a bad pick, especially since the Bills will be behind most of the season)

36. + ARod drinks ‘em with a straw — A. Boldin, Ari (Surprised GZino didn’t go RB here, but Boldin is not a bad pick at this spot)

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  1. heelatious says:


    We’re in the 11th round now. Where’s the analysis baby!

    BTW- Drew must have had a bowel explosion, ’cause he’s been on the clock over 30 minutes now.

  2. Bryan Hanks says:

    Heelatious — I’ll probably just do a wrap-up at the end of the draft, especially since we’re a round and a half away from finishing.

  3. heelatious says:

    Good enough.

  4. b w says:

    When are we going to get an analysis. The season has started.

  5. b w says:

    Funny looking back at this now. GC’s Brady pick was spot on. I definitely messed up with I have 17 kids by 17 women Travis Smokestack Henry

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