Hanks Blog Football League 2008

First round of the draft 

1. Forsyth Frosted Flakes: L. Tomlinson, RB, San Diego (the safest pick in the draft for the past couple of years. Having LT on your roster practically guarantees a playoff position)

2. Walk The Plank: A. Peterson, RB, Minnesota (another safe pick; another year or two, AP will be the overall No. 1. If he stays healthy, he could put up better numbers than LT this year)

3. The Ninth Wonder: P. Manning, QB, Indianapolis (like Taplie’s pick of Manning at No. 2 last year, this is very, very questionable. Manning won’t even play in the preseason and there is a possibility he’ll be less than 100 percent when the season begins. If I’d wanted a QB, I would’ve gone Tom Brady here. I expected more from the Sun Journal Sports Editor!)

4. Pawtucket Pot Roasts: B. Westbrook, RB, Philadelphia (excellent pick. I’ve seen Westbrook go as high as No. 2 in drafts. PPR should thank TNW for this gift)

5. Sack O’ Suds: R. Wayne, WR, Indianapolis (and I thought Manning at No. 3 would be the worst first-round pick … I was wrong. Wayne is a serious reach here because he would’ve been available at the same pick in the second round. Wayne isn’t even the best WR in the draft — and may not be the best WR on his team. A wasted pick this high)

6. Free Press Predators: J. Addai, RB, Indianapolis (thank you, SOS. I struggled between Addai and Tom Brady, but ultimately went with Addai because of the red zone threat he always is.)

7. Shannaland Stilettos: T. Brady, QB, New England (an excellent pick, if you’re going to break up the RB-RB strategy. Brady might not have 50 TDs this year, but if even has 35, that makes him better than Manning, probably)

8. Agents of Chaos: S. Jackson, RB, St. Louis (ESPN has him rated third, so obviously this is a steal at 8. I’d be worried about his standoff with the Rams right now, but if he gets back in the next week or so, this could be a straight-up steal)

9. Tobacco Road Tigers: M. Lynch, RB, Buffalo (As much flak as we gave Taplie last year, he more than made up for it with this pick. Lynch could end up the season as one of the top three RBs, especially if someone above him gets hurt. Strong pick, Tap)

10. River Bend Roadrunners: C. Portis, RB, Washington (Very strong and a logical pick here. Portis had more touches than any other RB last year and there’s really no reason to think he won’t get the same chance this year. Strong pick)

11. Bodacious Buxom Blondes: M. Barber, RB, Dallas (MBIII was ranked seventh overall and 11th in another poll, so this — like Lynch and Barber ahead of him — was a good pick by BBB)

12. Kinston Bills: T. Romo, QB, Dallas (I’ll never denigrate someone with the tough No. 12-13 picks, because they have to build their team knowing they won’t have another pick again for a long, long time. Romo is a touch of a reach, but he’s certainly one of the top three QBs in fantasy football)

Second round of the draft 

13. Kinston Bills: R. Moss, WR, New England (See what I said at No. 12. But what kind of RB are the Kinston Bills going to have at 36-37?)

14. Bodacious Buxom Blondes: F. Gore, RB San Francisco (An absolute steal as Gore is a projected first-rounder in virtually every mock I’ve seen. Good pick, especially going RB-RB in the first two rounds)

15. River Bend Roadrunners: L. Johnson, RB, Kansas City (Along with first-rounder Portis, another solid RB-RB combination. My only concern for LJ is that he is playing behind arguably the worst O-line in the NFL with one of the worst QBs, so you know they’re keying on him. Still a solid pick)

16. Tobacco Road Tigers: T. Owens, WR, Dallas (Ol’ Taps is impressing me; Lynch in the first round and arguably the best WR, too. Good job, dude. This pretty much makes you a competitor this season)

17. Agents of Chaos: D. Brees, QB, New Orleans (I didn’t expect our good friend Drew Loftis to be the first 3-hour guy in the draft, but … he is. As a result, the computer gave him Brees. Combined with Steven Jackson in the first round, not a bad combo, but I know the Lofti would’ve probably gone RB here)

18. Shannaland Stilletos: L. Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona (Another one who throws the old tried-and-true RB-RB strategy out the window; combined with Brady in the first round, here’s the second QB-WR strategy. Shannaland’s front office representative, Randy Capps, reminded me he went to the HBFL championship game using the same strategy last year. Of course, he lost to me in that game…)

19. Free Press Predators: W. McGahee, RB, Baltimore (I’m a slave to the RB-RB, I guess. McGahee is the unabashed No. 1 in Baltimore and has more promise than the other RBs lower down, in my opinion. I did almost go WR, though…)

20. Sack O’ Suds: J. Lewis, RB, Cleveland (A solid pick which — somewhat — helps make up for the wasted Wayne pick in the first round. Lewis is set to have a very good season for the Browns)

21. Pawtucket Pot Roasts: R. Grant, RB, Green Bay (Last year’s surprise is this year’s solid second-round pick. My only concern is that with Favre gone, defenses are going to key on the running game; is Grant strong enough to stand up to it? Still, a good combo with Westbrook in the first round)

22. The Ninth Wonder: B. Edwards, WR, Cleveland (A third QB-WR combo in our draft. Wow. However, you can do a heck of a lot worse than Manning-Edwards in your first two rounds. TNW’s advantage is that he has a pick coming up in three more slots — a good chance to get a pretty solid RB)

23. Walk The Plank: W. Parker, RB, Pittsburgh (Great job here. Parker could be a breakout-type player; combined with AP in the first round, this might be the first round of any of us)

24. Forsyth Frosted Flakes: M. Jones-Drew, RB, Jacksonville (Well, he was the best available remaining RB on all my charts. MJD still splits carries in Jax, but he should be good for close to 10 TDs this season although his yardage won’t be close to 1,000)

Third round of the draft 

25. Forsyth Frosted Flakes: C. Johnson, WR, Cincinnati (Another solid — if not spectacular — pick. If his head is screwed on right, Ocho Cinco could be the best WR in the game. The fact he shares significant touches with Houshmandzadeh also hurts. Again, a solid pick for a team destined to make the playoffs … PS — he was hurt in an exhibition game, but all indications are that he’ll be all right for the season)

26. Walk The Plank: A. Johnson, WR, Houston (A very good pick here; combined with two solid RBs, this is shaping up to be a good draft for WTP)

27. The Ninth Wonder: R. Bush, RB, New Orleans (This is a make-or-break year for Bush; he could be a superstar — and if so, this is a great pick. But he could also end up sharing time again because of his inability to go a full game. If that’s the case, having Bush as your No. 1 RB is not a good place to be. I favor the latter, not the former)

28. Pawtucket Pot Roasts

29. Sack O’ Suds

30. Free Press Predators

31. Shannaland Stilletos

32. Agents of Chaos

33. Tobacco Road Tigers

34. River Bend Roadrunners

35. Bodacious Buxom Blondes

36. Kinston Bills

28 Responses to Hanks Blog Football League 2008

  1. jesshuffman says:

    C’mon, that’s a bunch of nonsense, Bryan. I checked out last year’s scoring, and it’s obvious that quarterbacks are far more valuable than running backs in this league. You’re right, Tom Brady probably would have been the better pick. But I hate Tom Brady.

    Peyton became the obvious choice. He’s not going to miss anytime this year over a bursted bursa sac (granted, I really don’t know what that is, but I’ve heard it’s not serious). Remember, he’s still got that consecutive-start streak going (second only to Brett Favre).

    About your safe picks at No. 1 and 2 …

    LT is getting up there and AP has always been injury-prone — not to mention the Vikings still have Chester Taylor. If I wanted a running back, I would’ve gone with someone else. But I’ll keep that information to myself. I wouldn’t want to give Matt “Pink Shirt” Tessnear or Alan “I read Hanks’s blog more than a preacher reads the bible” Wooten any ideas.

  2. alan says:

    Looks like the team is appropriately named – wonder.

    Yes, we do.

  3. The Kid says:

    The reason you pick running backs first isn’t because they necessarily score the most points. It’s that 1) you get more running backs than quarterbacks and 2) the descrepancy between a great running backs score and a good running backs point total is going to be a lot wider than a great quarterback and a good quarterbacks score. Your total score is going to be better when you have a great running back, good running back and good quarterback rather than a great quarterback, good running back, good running back.

  4. jesshuffman says:

    I don’t necessarily agree with the theory. Running backs tend to get banged up throughout the course of the season, making their backups viable options off the wire week by week. I know what I’m getting with Peyton — consistency and reliability. Plus, he’s my boy.

    Now, Reggie Wayne being selected fifth … talk about making us wonder!

  5. randycapps says:

    Thanks to a goofy Fanball scoring system, QBs and WRs are way over-valued in this league. So drafting Manning at 3 was a little reachy, but not as much as it would be in a normal league.

    Brady tallied 450 points in this format last year, which was almost 160 points better than LT2.

  6. jesshuffman says:

    Thank you Randy!

  7. alan says:

    Hanks, you could have had a truly Eastern division by putting the four New Bern residents together – Justin, Jess, Matt and myself.

  8. Matt Tessnear says:

    I agree with Alan. That would’ve been an entertaining division with true rivalries.

    On pick No. 5: I had Brian Westbrook at the top of my overall players board, until he fell off the block at No. 4. Joseph Addai was also high on my board, and I had plans to pick him in the second round. But he came off the board right after my first round selection of Wayne.

    I have several wide receivers sprinkled at the top of my wish list. And they’re probably not who you’d think.

    The Wayne pick had nothing to do with disrupting any desire for The Ninth Wonder to be able to pile up Colts players. If we picked centers in this league, Jeff Saturday would be at the top of my board, not because Ninth Wonder likes the Colts but because he’s a solid guy on a solid offense.

  9. ECPirates11 says:

    Alan, I am a native of New Bern. Just in school in Greenville so I fit in the East!

    And where is everyone finding the scoring system? I was told its a standard scoring system, 6 pts for TD’s for WR/RB’s and 4 pts for TD’s for QB’s along with 10 rushing/receiving yds = 1 pt and 25 passing yds = 1 pt. Is there something different I’m missing?

  10. alan says:

    ECP – Up in the orange there’s an icon midway from middle to the right that says How to Play. In that, scroll down and you’ll find some questions with answers. Hit the one for scoring. Not standard as you posted above – QBs are 4 for TDs thrown. Just check it out – it’ll answer your questions.

    And yes, if you’re native of New Bern, then that works. For the record, I’m a Farmville native – so I guess we’re in each other’s grounds.

  11. ECPirates11 says:

    Thanks for the help Alan. And yeah, seems like we have switched spots almost.

  12. alan says:

    All that for Drew Brees.

  13. jschoenberger says:

    I’m just going to be a passing team. I don’t need a running back. But, just for the record, I wanted Marshawn Lynch to be my first pick. Now he’s with an owner who doesn’t even care about his feelings.

    Then again, this comes as no surprise to me. I wouldn’t be the Bills if I didn’t have the crappiest luck in the world (for instance, being chosen to draft dead last). It’s par for the course for Bills fans.

  14. alan says:

    Thanks Hanks for the nice comments. No truth to the rumor I picked a Redskin just to avoid your wrath. As the picks were coming, it was Portis and Gore and Grant. Almost took Grant, but agreed he will be the focal and I think Rodgers will be marginal – unless I’m forced to draft him later.

    Hey Justin – Moss over Owens. I think they’re about even, not much one way or the other. And I think Moss is an OK pick. Had he been there for pick 15, he was on my radar .

    But, if you had taken Owens, you score more than the Cowboys every time Romo throws a TD to him – 10 points. Tack on bonus yardage, since you know Owens is a deep threat. Then game yardage.

    Mind you, I despise the Cowboys. And the Patriots too for that matter. But I wonder why Hanks didn’t mention that in assessing the pick.

    Not to mention you’re a die-hard Bills fan so now you’ve got a player from a division foe you need to play well for fantasy, suck against your beloved. Twice.

    Hanks must be taking it easy on the Jones Post boy.

  15. jesshuffman says:

    Word on the street is McGahee’s knee is bothering him, and rookie Ray Rice is pushing him for the starting job. Looks like Hanks will be scoping the waiver wire for the Ryan Grant, Ernest Graham, and Justin Fargas wannabes of the fantasy world.

    Guaranteed, somebody’s injury-prone running back (Stephen Jackson, Adrian Peterson, Larry Johnson, Joseph Addai, just to name a few) will go down in the opening weeks, and their backups will become fantasy studs. That’s exactly why I may go wide receiver in the next round just to prove a point . You can get good a good running back without drafting one high, you just have to be all over the waiver wire.

    And, yes, I do have something against running backs. I hate ‘em.

    No, in all seriousness, in a league where you only start one running back and two wide receivers each week, loading up on the latter seems to be the wiser move. Especially considering the scoring ability compares pretty equally.

    We do only start one running back, right Hanks?

    Alan go to sleep. It’s well past midnight and you’ve now been reading this blog for 13 hours.

    Justin, the Bills suck.

    Matt, you could have come out and told us you were a fantasy rookie. But, then again, I guess your drafting strategy speaks for itself.

  16. Bryan Hanks says:

    Huffman — no, we start two RBs.

    And you are right about being a waiver wire vulture; look at last year’s draft — I got Steven Jackson, Ronnie Brown and Steve Smith in the first three rounds, yet still won the league.

    Why? Because Ryan Grant came through in a big way for me when all three of those guys went down.

  17. jschoenberger says:

    As I said, coming into the draft, the guy I wanted first was Lynch. When He was taken, I moved to Portis. When he was taken, I moved to Marion Barber. When he was taken – oh, wow, look at that – it was my turn. I gave up on running backs at that point, and just moved onto a qb. The best rbs left were frank gore, larry johnson, ryan grant … etc., etc. Imagine how much crap I would have gotten for taking one of those clowns number one.

    That’s why I went with the best available, though it is debatable, qb or wr.

    It’ll be interesting what kind of joker will be left for me at RB.

  18. jonmassey07 says:

    Not a soul would have given you crap for taking Gore with the 12th pick heck that would have been a steal.

  19. jesshuffman says:

    Are you kidding me, Chad Johnson is a solid pick? He just went down with a shoulder injury on Sunday.

  20. randycapps says:

    I don’t think you have to start two RBs…

    How many players are required to start each week?
    Each team’s starting lineup will be made up from the following at each position:
    QB 1, RB 1, WR 2, TE 1, PK 1, TM 1, and Flex 1
    The Flex position can either be a RB, WR or TE.

  21. jschoenberger says:

    My advice to everyone is to go with a kicker this next round. Better get ‘em while you still have time.

  22. alan says:

    Another Gary Hart walks in and away goes the analysis. C’mon Bryan.

    Tell us we should have already picked Josh Scobee.

  23. jesshuffman says:

    Michael Turner was supposed to be my steal!

  24. Matt Tessnear says:

    Jess, I’m pretty happy with the roster I’m putting together. I’m no fantasy virgin. But then again, fantasy is not all about the draft. See the above comments for more.

    Besides, you’ve got a good team coming together. Let the team speak for itself.

  25. alan says:

    Are you wearing pink again?

  26. Matt Tessnear says:

    I’ll probably rock the pink in its usual Saturday slot this week.

  27. alan says:

    That a boy Bulldog.

  28. alan says:

    Where’s Bryan?

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