Premature e-launch-ation

OK … perhaps trying to relaunch the ol’ blog before Christmas was a BAD IDEA — you know, with your boss out of the office and 10,000 things to do. However — hang around: I promise we’re set to get everything back up and going soon.

Next week, I’ll be using this space for game updates. I’ll provide a morning update beginning Wednesday and it’ll continue through Saturday’s championship day.

Check this out: This week’s podcast with Jon “Dizzle” Dawson and Kyle Brown.

Congratulations to Justin Hill and Bobby Hatcher, who’re playing for the Hanks Blog Football League championship this week. The winner receives $200; the runner-up gets $50. B.J. Davis was the top points performer for the league and will receive $50.

As always, follow me on Twitter at BCHanks, where we have all sorts of fun.

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