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Talked about it in my weekly column … but there are some changes coming to the ol’ blog soon. I’ve decided to turn this into a group effort and I’m enlisting the help of folks like Jon Dawson, Ryan Herman, B.J. Davis and Justin Hill — among some others. We’ll have a new rollout in a week or two — and I’ll have the details soon.

Thanks for the support, for the emails and the calls. More later.

5 Responses to Blog update

  1. saltydawg1 says:

    has Hanks been fired????? if not, could someone check and see if he has a pulse!!!!

  2. Highway 24 says:

    You will see massive updates now. Gulledge resigned today. Get ready…complete with a timeline, photos, championship rings, a confusing Dawson column….all the works.

  3. eastern says:

    Blogging with Hanks…..RIP

  4. killdozer says:

    Give it a rest, guys. He’s had his hands full for some time. And, I may be wrong, but I don’t think he gets paid for his blogging.

  5. runsdeep says:

    Whether he gets paid for blogging or not doesn’t matter…..none of us pay anything for viewing this site. I miss reading Hank’s blogs, but I certainly realize he has no obligation to me to blog daily.

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