Streak for the Cash December winner: Flagan!

In another great SFTC competition, Flagan (Franc Jones) pulled out a victory on the very last game of the month.

With Flagan picking Washington to win by double digits and J. Osterberg selecting Oregon to lose by single digits in college hoops Saturday night, the Huskies won by 16 to give Flagan his sixth overall victory in our little game. Although both finished with 84 victories in December, Flagan gets the win by percentage — .515 to .497.

Flagan — get in touch with me and we’ll get you something cool.

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December’s top 10

1. Flagan — 84-79

2. J. Osterberg — 84-85

3. R. Capps — 81

4. J. Irvin — 76

5. C. Pollock — 67

6. D. Pollock — 66

7. Hanks — 65

8. L. Walker — 58

9. Hot Blonde — 54

10. S. Jones — 46

All-time blog winners


February: Flagan (F. Jones) 43 wins

March: B. Pelletier 60 wins

April: Flagan (F. Jones) 59 wins

May: Flagan (F. Jones) 57 wins

June: B. Pelletier 53 wins

July: Flagan (F. Jones) 69 wins

August: S. Jones (Beale St. Buc) 69 wins

September: S. Jones (Beale St. Buc) 69 wins

October: S. Jones (Beale St. Buc) 62 wins

November: S. Jones (Beale St. Buc) 83 wins

December: S. Jones (Beale St. Buc) & D. Guido 91 wins


January: S. Jones (Beale St. Buc) 71 wins

February: S. Jones (Beale St. Buc) 68 wins

March: S. Jones (Beale St. Buc) 82 wins

April: J. Irvin (Jackson Irvin) 77 wins

May: R. Capps (Randy Capps) 75 wins

June: P. Howard (WolfpackPete) 69 wins

July: J. Irvin (Jackson Irvin) 80 wins

August: R. Capps (Randy Capps) 87 wins

September: J. Irvin (Jackson Irvin) 73 wins

October: J. Irvin (Jackson Irvin) 79 wins

November: R. Capps (Randy Capps) 79 wins

December: J. Osterberg 79 wins


January: S. Jones (Beale St. Buc) 81

February: D. Guido 71

March: S. Jones (Beale St. Buc) 96

April: Flagan (Franc Jones) 90

May: D. Pollock (David Pollock) 90

June: D. Pollock (David Pollock) 81

July: Bryan Hanks 78

August: J. Osterberg 85

September:D. Pollock (David Pollock) 84

October: D. Pollock (David Pollock) 75

November: Bryan Hanks 100

December: Flagan (Franc Jones) — 84

2 Responses to Streak for the Cash December winner: Flagan!

  1. killdozer says:

    It was more than the last game: Flagan had to win the last 3, and I had to lose the last 3… and that’s what happened. He went all Tampa Bay and I went all Boston Red Sox. Congratulations, Flagan.

  2. Flagan says:

    Thanks, killdozer.

    I thought Indiana was a sure loser, but had to take them. The last two were the teams I thought would win, I just hoped you took the opposite team from me.

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