Morning News Report; Dec. 2, 2011


While its football team readies for tomorrow’s 3 p.m. 2AA championship game appearance against West Stokes, the Kinston boys’ basketball team will tip off its 2011-12 season against Whitney Young, a top-25 nationally-ranked team out of Chicago.

My take: It’s a last-minute change to their schedule — the Vikings were supposed to play Whitney Young in Tampa, Fla., this weekend, but situations beyond Kinston’s control led to the game taking place at Viking Gym tonight.

Should be a heck of a game, too — this is the high school Michael Jordan sent his sons to play and there’s a lot of talent on that Whitney Young squad now. If you have no plans tonight, get out to the gym and check out the new edition of the Vikes.


Jones Senior starts this weekend’s slate of state championship appearances when the Trojans face Murphy for the 1A title at N.C. State’s Carter-Finley Stadium at 7:30 p.m. today.

Ayden-Grifton faces Swain County at 11 a.m. tomorrow at Wake Forest’s BB&T Field in Winston-Salem for the 1AA championship while Kinston takes on West Stokes at 3 p.m. tomorrow back at Carter-Finley.

My take: A crazy, crazy weekend ahead for Ryan Herman, Justin Hill, Keith Spence, David Hall and I as we get these stories back to y’all.

If you’re going to either of the games — or even if you’re not — you HAVE to pick up a copy of today’s Free Press. Herman and sports guru Randy Jones have put together an awesome pullout fan’s guide to the state championship in today’s paper. You do not want to go to the game(s) without it.


In a surprising — but awesome — bit of news, unemployment dropped from 9 to 8.6 percent nationally in November.

My take: That is GREAT news, especially to those folks who are unemployed in this horrible economy.

The only thing I didn’t like about it was the way the Republicans immediately jumped on this, saying “Oh, it’d be even lower if we were in charge.”

Whatever. I’m not the biggest Obama fan — in fact, he’s done a pretty poor job IMHO. But good grief, let the man have ONE victory, OK, GOP?


Pop music princess Britney Spears turns 30 today.

My take: So shoot me, I’m a peripheral fan. Yes, I know she probably doesn’t sing 90 percent of her lyrics. But you know what — she’s easy on the eyes:


Click on those bad boysfor a better view. And happy birthday, Britney.

The iPod shuffle

Planet Earth — Duran Duran

Careless Whisper — Wham!

Friends In Low Places — Garth Brooks

I Shot The Sheriff — Eric Clapton

I Want To Break Free — Queen

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  1. Flagan says:

    You should bash Republicans and give Obama victories only if yiou have a clue what you are talking about. Instead, you repeat liberal talking points.

    First, the jump is the result of Christmas seasonal hiring. Dems, backed by the lib press, last celebrated Obama the Great bringing down unemployment, when all the census workers were hired. Well, no mention was made of why the number was better then and, your post being just one example, no mention is made of why this time around either. But, when it drops, after the seasonal employees are laid off, the lib press will suddenly blame the bad numbers on the very employees being laid off that they don’t acknowledge now.

    Second, this is very fuzzy math. When people are no longer drawing unemployment, after 99 weeks mind you, they no longer count in the unemployment figures. If you were to dig a little deeper, you would find that nearly twice as many people dropped off the unemployment rolls as what found jobs. So, the truth of the matter is that the number of people working, even counting seasonal employees, dropped by a SIX-DIGIT number from last month.

    Last, if you were to divide the number of people unemployed by the number of people that were employed on the day that Obama took office, you would find that the unemployment number is 11%.

    As they say, ignorance is bliss. So party on “8.6.”

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