Nightly News Report; Oct. 11, 2011


Republican presidential Mitt Romney, a Mormon, has asked fellow GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry to disavow comments from a minister who introduced Perry last week and implied the LDS Church is a cult.

My take: There is absolutely NO PLACE in politics for this. I’ll say this much — if Perry doesn’t repudiate these comments, I cannot consider him as a presidential candidate.

Why? If you’re going to spend your time hating others because of their religion (or race or sex), or supporting those you spend their time hating others because of their religion, you’re not worthy of being a leader of our melting pot country.


The Detroit Lions are now 5-0 after whipping Chicago last night.

My take: I don’t know about y’all, but I’m getting my affairs in order. With Buffalo at 4-1 and the Lions beating all comers, the Apocalypse might certainly be upon us!

Seriously, though, congrats to my favorite Lions fan (Katie Marshall) and Bills fan (Charlie Kraebel) — both former Free Pressers who are in football heaven right now.


After defeating two-time defending 2A champ Tarboro in overtime last week, the Kinston High School football team jumped from 10th to No. 6 in this week’s Associated Press 2A poll. Tarboro fell from fourth to ninth.

The only other local team in the AP poll is Ayden-Grifton, which remained No. 6 after its huge win at Spring Creek.

The Vikings are also 12th in the 2A poll, while Ayden-Grifton is No. 7 in the 1A poll.

My take: Congrats to the Vikings and Chargers for their statewide recognition. It’s good to finally see Kinston getting some football love around North Carolina, though.

The iPod shuffle

Stories For Boys — U2

Duke Of Earl — Gene Chandler

In Your Eyes — Peter Gabriel

Paul Revere — Beastie Boys

Life Goes On — Poison

P.S.: A very special happy birthday to Keith Spence, one of the true “good guys” in Eastern North Carolina. He has made me feel like a native since the minute I got here almost nine years ago. Keith is a hell of a sportswriter and The Free Press has been lucky to have his byline since the 1980s. He’s also a great dad and one of the most trustworthy dudes I know. Simply put, he’s a great guy. Happy birthday, dude!

7 Responses to Nightly News Report; Oct. 11, 2011

  1. Jourbet says:

    Aw, thanks, dude. I feel like I ought to pay you or something.

  2. Charlie K. says:

    Well, considering the Bills have already matched last year’s win total … I’ll take it!

    I’m holding off on reserving my playoffs seats, though. In 2008, they started 5-1 and finished 7-9, but it’s hard not to like this team.

    And don’t look now, but San Francisco is 4-1 …

  3. Flagan says:

    Maybe I have a short memory but I don’t remember you coming out this strongly against Reverend Wright’s protege.

    This issue points out a huge problem with Romney to me. He is using his religion for political purposes.

    I will not vote for Romney or Perry in the primary. Romneycare and global warming are the issue for one, and the illegal immigrant tuition deal is the issue with the other. However, either is a 1000 times better than our present dictator. In a speech yesterday, Obama said that he would be moving forward on his “jobs” bill without Congress. Mao, Stalin, Marx, etc. would be proud.

    By the way, Perry has already said that he disagrees with the “cult” statement.

  4. guitarwrecker says:

    As usual, I can’t disagree with anything Flagan has said here.

  5. Flagan says:

    Mitt is Obama lite

  6. rjarman says:

    We will see when its all said and done want we. If Mitt wins and is anything like Obama I will officially change my registration to Independent. Or I will take you to eat at your favorite Restaurant during the NBA season ( if they Play) and watch Jimmer for the Kings Play. You need to relax with Mitt and lets see where its all falls….Cause I will support the winner regardless. Flagan you seem to have your mind already made up. This is a long process……as i said earlier…upward, onward and steady is My Man Mitt. Reagan said he was one to not put down his fellow Republicans.

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