Afternoon News Report, Oct. 6, 2011


Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died yesterday at the age of 56 after losing a battle to pancreatic cancer.

My take: There are literally tens of thousands of tributes to Jobs on the Internet right now, but I’ll add my few inconsequential words.

Steve Jobs was — as some said last night — our generation’s Thomas Edison, our Leonardo da Vinci. That PC you’re reading this on? He had a hand in its development. The iPod you have all your CDs on? That was his vision. The iPhone that every other company in the world has (unsuccessfully, I might add) attempted to mimic? It was his dream.

Steve Jobs IS the American Dream personified. He was a college dropout with big dreams — and with his own sweat, blood and tears, he made his dreams come true.

When I was a teenager, I thought 56 was old. Now that I’m 42, I realize what a fool I was as a teenager. Jobs had 20, 30 and 40 more years to dazzle us with his inventions and ideas … and now he’s gone. Where is the next Steve Jobs?

Here is that YouTube video everyone was referencing last night on Twitter and in his memorials throughout the world. PLEASE take 15 minutes and watch it. I just did — even though I was interrupted five (!) times by real life, but it was worth it. You will appreciate his words.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Indeed — what a great man who will truly be missed. 


In a letter to supporters last night, Sarah Palin announced she will not run for president in 2012.

My take: I was a little bit surprised, but not shocked. As this excellent column from CNN’s L.Z. Granderson states, she showed exactly how smart she is by not running for the country’s top office.

My favorite part of Granderson’s well-written piece:

She’s like a performance artist whose opinions are rarely second-guessed, whose tongue is rarely censored. She’s rich and famous and essentially has no one to answer to. Her persona is so mesmerizing that her daughter Bristol, a mother at 18, gets paid to talk about abstinence.

We should all be as dumb as Sarah Palin.

And he’s right on point — why run and be politically assassinated every day by CNN and MSNBC when she can be the (beautiful) hero on the white horse, riding in to help all the GOP candidates who are inevitably going to clean up next year in the anti-Obama furor that’s going to exist next year.

She’s a lot smarter than we give her credit for.


ESPN informed Hank Williams Jr. it will no longer be using his “Are You Ready For Some Football” opening to its Monday Night Football intro after the country singer compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler. Williams, however, is claiming he broke up with ESPN.

Regardless — and this might be the best news of this whole misadventure — we won’t have to hear that overplayed ditty ever again to start MNF.

My take: So … who will sing the next MNF intro? Any suggestions?


Former N.C. State head basketball coach Sidney Lowe is now an assistant coach for the Utah Jazz.

My take: Good for Coach Lowe — one of the decent human beings out there. Hope he gets back on his feet and has his own team — college or NBA — soon.

The iPod shuffle

Hell Yeah — The Bloodhound Gang

Hot In The City — Billy Idol

Call On Me — Chicago

We Right Here — DMX

Devil Inside — INXS

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