Morning News Report; Sept. 20, 2011

Sorry about missing yesterday’s MNR — buried with “real” work at the ol’ TFP. This way, though, you get a super-sized MNR today!


My Sunday column was about the — in my opinion — ridiculous attention North Carolina legislators are paying to trampling the rights of gay folks in our state.

While there has been some intelligent discourse in the comments — thanks, Aaron Taylor! — there has also been some pretty vile statements, too. Additionally, I have received some pretty nasty emails and messages from those opposed to what I believe.

As someone wrote on either my Facebook or the story (I really can’t remember which), this is not a theocracy. This is a country founded on the principle of freedom of religion — not the principle that you have to believe what I believe (or what Rick Perry, Sarah Palin or Barack Obama believes).

Am I a homosexual? Nope — never been interested in playing for that team, NTTAWWT. But I believe that, regardless of your sexual orientation, you should have the opportunity to marry the person you love, whether they’re of your same sex. To deny that right is very un-American to me.

But you know what? I respect Heelatious and anyone else’s right to disagree with me — and I won’t call them names … unless they’re from South Carolina. You know how those South Carolina people are, right Randy Capps?


After years of allowing anonymous comments on our stories at, we will be switching to a Facebook-based commenting tool around 5 p.m. today on the site.

My take: To which I say — about time.

For years, I was the advocate for the anonymous commenter at TFP; in my Libertarian mindset, I felt anonymity was a good checks-and-balances tool of the article the comments appeared alongside it.

However, after years of blatant and tasteless attacks by those who think they’re anonymous (they’re really not), we’re moving to this option, which I’m very excited about.

There will be whiners. But in three months, when everything is going smoothly, I feel like we’ll be wondering why we didn’t do this earlier.


The N.C. Democrats are taking the name of a Confederate hero and a white supremacist off their annual fundraising event.

My take: I had heard of the Vance-Aycock dinner but had NO IDEA it was named after those two. Interesting that North Carolina’s “progressive” party has had this in its back pocket this long…


Syracuse and Pittsburgh formally joined the Atlantic Coast Conference on Sunday, although they won’t be able to participate in the league until June 2014. Speculation is rampant about whether the ACC will now go to 16 members and if so, who the new members will be.

My take: No disrespect to our good friends in Greenville, but it probably won’t be ECU. As I mentioned when ECU made a press release yesterday about conference expansion (here’s David Hall’s story on it), the best-case scenario I see for the Pirates is the Big East — although I’m yet to see a mention of the possibility in the national press.

But would the Pirates want to go to a watered-down Big East that might not even have a BCS bid after all the shuffling is finished? C’mon, Pirate Nation, let me know.


The UNC football program is vacating 16 of its wins from the 2008-09 seasons, reduced scholarships and put itself on two years probation in an attempt to pacify the NCAA, which released its notice of allegations against the Tar Heels program.

My take: Not sure it’ll be enough for the NCAA, but we’ll see. Getting rid of Butch was a big deal, though.


N.Y. Yankees relief pitcher Mariano Rivera set the Major League Baseball saves record when he retired Minnesota 1-2-3 in a 6-4 win yesterday afternoon. It was his 602nd career save.

My take: Hard not to like Mo even though I abhor the Yankees. And this is going to be a hard record to break; if someone started attempting to do it today, they’d need to have 40 saves a season for the next 15 seasons.

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4 Responses to Morning News Report; Sept. 20, 2011

  1. randycapps says:

    re: South Carolina

    I fully intend to move home and become governor someday.

    And since you owe me money, I demand my account be credited the $5 entry fee for the survivor pool…

  2. Flagan says:

    The North Carolina legislature is not trampling the rights of gay people. They did not ban homosexual marriage. They are letting the people of the state decide by way of voting.

    It is laughable that in the same article you say that North Carolinians are more sociologically advanced than the rest of the southeast, you are fearful of letting that same group vote on a social issue.

    It is also amazing how the politically correct jump on this bandwagon. Their reasons vary, but of course we hear let the gays be as miserably married as the straights, and if you are banning gay marriage then ban divorce. We also hear that gays didn’t choose to be this way. The other big reason we hear from the gay marriage camp is that people should mind their own business and let gays have the same rights as straights because they are hurting anyone else when they marry.

    Most of these same people have a problem with polygamy yet the same arguments can be made for it. Nearly all these gay rights crowd react with shock and disgust if you mention incest. If a brother and sister of legal age want to marry, which of the above criteria is different for the consensual, incestual pair than for the gay pair that wants to marry?

    The obvious answer is that there isn’t any difference. The diffference is that the gay rights crowd has decided that their moral agenda is the only correct moral agenda.

  3. runsdeep says:

    Incest, polygamy, gay are not morals I believe or agree with but who are we to decide what’s right for two(or three, four, five) consenting adults want to do? As long as they aren’t harming anybody else or costing the rest of the tax payers extra money I say they should have the right to “marry” whomever they choose.

  4. Flagan says:

    I agree with all you said runsdeep. The only thing I can add to that is that the voice of all voters, not just the more vocal (media) members of the state, should be heard on an issue as divisive as this.

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