Morning News Report; Aug. 8, 2011


Following the lowering of the United States’ credit rating from AAA to AA+ late last week, the U.S. stock market dropped 200 points in the first few minutes of today’s trading.

My take: And the economy continues to worsen. I’m betting there are some of my banking buddies here and all over the country who are sweating it a bit this morning…


In two tales of prep sports woes, the South Johnston football program was fined $400 and given probation for illegal activities this summer. In the Southeastern Regional of the American Legion national tournament, Cherryville Post 100′s season ended in a double-forfeit after a melee in Sumter, S.C.

My take: You might be asking — what do these two incidents have in common? The reputations of the respective coaches is the answer.

Joe Salas brought South Johnston to unparalleled heights in South Johnston’s football history — but he did it in unclassy fashion, including that infamous 84-6 defeat of North Lenoir on the Hawks’ Senior Night in 2009 when Salas had his team run up the score in the fourth quarter.

Salas resigned under pressure by the South Johnston administration late last month because of the NCHSAA investigation.

Post 100′s coach — Bobby Dale Reynolds, who also coaches East Rutherford High School’s baseball team — is arguably one of the best coaches in North Carolina’s prep baseball history. He’s won seven Legion state championships and several NCHSAA titles.

He has also drawn the ire of Legion and NCHSAA officials on several occasions with his boorish behavior through the years. I can promise you this: Reynolds’ poor reputation among Legion officials (national and state) sped up their decision to force the double forfeit. Why else would they double-eliminate both teams when it was clearly the Georgia team that instigated the behavior in the game (watch the video at the above link)?

Allow me to add this: I covered Cherryville Post 100 baseball for six or seven years when I was a stringer and reporter for the Gaston Gazette and Shelby Star in the 1990s and early 2000s. I love those folks in Cherryville and at Post 100 and I hate what happened to those kids — they deserve much better than what happened to them. Maybe this will be the impetus to show Post 100 officials they can do much better than the coach they have in place now.

South Johnston administration learned that lesson and that program will be better for it.


Steve Williams, the former caddie for Tiger Woods, caddied for Adam Scott, who won this weekend’s Bridgestone tourney in Ohio. Afterward, Williams — who was unceremoniously dumped by Tiger a few weeks back — essentially took the credit for the victory, a fact that is rubbing some of those in the golf community the wrong way.

My take: I didn’t watch the tourney, but from what I’ve read and heard on sports talk radio this morning, Williams didn’t take any of the shots or make any putts for Scott.

Someone just needs to tell “Stevie” to STFU … until his best-selling novel about being Tiger’s caddie hits bookshelves. THEN he can talk about whatever he wants.

The iPod shuffle

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band (Reprise) — The Beatles

Smells Like Teen Spirit — Nirvana

I Don’t Wanna Cry — Mariah Carey

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For — U2

The Original Miami Vice Theme — Jan Hammer

P.S.: I was invited to participate in a fantasy football draft by FOB (and two-time HBFL Online Draft champion) Brent Pelletier on Saturday — and had a blast. I’ve played fantasy football since 1995 but took part in an auction draft for the first tim in my life. Can’t wait to do my next one. Thanks, BP!

6 Responses to Morning News Report; Aug. 8, 2011

  1. Flagan says:

    Maybe you should read your own link. No where did Williams take credit for the victory. The statement that has all you Tiger apologists in an uproar was his honest answer to a question. He was asked how this win compared to the other wins he had as a caddy and he responded, “this was the greatest week of my life.” He honestly feels that way and he gets vilified for it? The press built up the Tiger versus Stevie rivalry all week and can’t understand how he could respond to this question with this answer.

    Obviously, people want him to brag on Adam Scott who deserves all the credit for hitting the shots but the question was where Williams ranked this victory, not how Scott played.

    Concerning the downgrade, the Tea Party knew this would happen. The Dems and the Neville Chamberlain wing of the Republican party conspired to pass a debt increase that will see our debt increase immensely. If the interest on the debt is back-breaking when it stands at $14.5 trillion, what happens when its $24 trillion ten years from now. This is what Obama projects it to be and we all know it will be worse. His projection assumes a growth rate of 7%. Our economy is growing at 1% under his astute leadership. His projection assumes the interest rate will remain at the historic low it’s at now. The only way to combat the inflation his economic policies has induced is for rates to rise. Taking these two factors into account, who believes his projection?

  2. bhatcher says:

    You can’t put ALL of the blame on the catcher for GA in that brawl. Yes he threw the ball at the Cherryville player, but if you watch right after the guy slides into home and popped up to go back to the dugout, he almost bumps into the catcher and obviously turns around and says something to the cather that caused him to throw the ball at the Cherryville player. It is quick so you have to watch closely, but there is no telling what he said in that exchange

  3. B says:

    Glad you were able to make it Hanks!

  4. randycapps says:

    Bobby Dale Reynolds is an excellent baseball coach.

    He’s also about the hardest coach to get along with I’ve ever been around. True story, Cherryville and Shelby were playing a legion playoff series. I went up to Hickory to cover the presser for it, and he’s passing out team stats to other reporters.

    His assistant wouldn’t give me one, because I covered Shelby. I went up to him, asked for one, and he said, “Nah, I don’t want them to see our stats.”

    I smiled, got a copy from Richard Walker, and walked away.

    We eventually formed a working relationship, but he is awfully prickly…

  5. Bryan Hanks says:

    Capps: Yep, everyone has a BDR story. I’ve had three guys (you know all three of them) email me and thank me for saying “what needed to be said.” He’s a unique coach and man … that’s for certain.

  6. canyoureadthis says:

    I know you might not be the best of BDR fans Hanks but my dealings with him have been amazing. He might not be the friendliest to the media but he has his reasons. I understand where you and Capps are coming from. His accomplishments speak for them self but to say karma came back is pretty far off. I don’t think he did anything to deserve that. However I do agree with the SJ coach catching his.

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