Morning Sports Report; July 28, 2011

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UNC football coach Butch Davis was fired yesterday and at a presser in Chapel Hill that is taking place as I type this, UNC AD Dick Baddour has announced he is stepping down, too.

My take: This has been a bad year for you Tar Heel advocates … and it’s only getting worse. You have about a half-dozen 2012 NFL draftees on your roster (mostly on the defensive side), so UNC is not going to be bad this season.

But … changing your coach a week before the season? Your AD resigning? This sure can’t help the program. ABC folks everywhere are laughing, that’s for sure.

If I’m Butch — who headed up this scandal-ridden program but has not been directly tied to any of the wrongdoing — I get another job in the ACC and stick it to Carolina as hard as possible.


After an NCHSAA investigation, the football coach at South Johnston, Joe Salas, has resigned under pressure from the school’s administration.

My take: Evidently, Coach Salas cheated — so good for the SJ administration for forcing him out of his position.

And thank God for karma. Gotta tell you, it didn’t break my heart one iota when this news started breaking. Coach Salas showed what kind of person he was and what kind of program he heads up when he ran up an 84-6 loss on North Lenoir on Oct. 30, 2009 on NL’s Senior Night (here’s Michael Moon’s column on that game).

I truly hate to see anyone lose their livelihood. But … no pity from me about Coach Salas. Karma is a BITCH and it just bit Mr. 84-6 boy on the ASS.


The umpire who blew the call in Monday’s 19-inning win for the Atlanta Braves against Pittsburgh, Jerry Meals, admitted his mistake yesterday, as did MLB.

My take: Admittedly, I’ve never seen such an egregious mistake by an umpire than the one where the Braves player was out by a solid 4 feet. It certainly has re-started the video replay argument for baseball, which I wouldn’t have a problem with seeing.

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