Night News Report; June 16, 2011

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Well … this is the latest I’ve ever posted a MNR/ANR, so I guess we’ll call it an NNR. Sweet.


Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-NY, resigned his seat Thursday afternoon after a sexting controversy has essentially ruined his political career.

My take: Lots and lots of fun headline possibilities here, but I’ll go with mine. Anyhoo — the dude is an idiot; in 2011, how the heck does he think he can sext, tweet and message scores of women and it wouldn’t get out?

Sort of like being a professional golfer who screws scores of women behind his wife’s back and thinking he can get away with it. How did that work out for you, Tiger?

And props to a Howard Stern Show staffer for wrecking the presser. Here’s the link to the story, although it’s probably PG-13 … so if you’re under 13, get your mama’s permission before you read it.


The John Edwards saga has taken another weird turn as a report has emerged that the former U.S. Senator/presidential candidate and current baby daddy/fornicator/douchebag asked for millions of dollars from a 101-year-old heiress to help him cover up his affair with his baby mama.

My take: And just when you thought this story couldn’t get any crazier … a 101-year-old named “Bunny” comes forth. Eek.

By the by, here’s Ol’ Johnny Boy’s mugshot, where he might’ve been thinking about how he screwed over his dying wife, or how he was going to pleasure a 101-year-old who had dumped millions of dollars into his campaigns and coffers:

No, that’s not a publicity shot — that’s his freaking MUGSHOT taken last week. There’s much more I wish I could say here … but I’d probably lose my job if I did. So, go to town, bloggees.


The Boston Bruins downed the Vancouver Canucks, 4-0, yesterday to claim their first Stanley Cup since 1972, four games to three.

After the game, riots broke out all over Vancouver, resulting in millions of dollars of theft by looters and hundreds of arrests.

My take: This seriously happened in Canada — the home of Pamela Anderson, Keanu Reeves, Celine Dion and Jim Carrey? What is this world coming to?


Life’s pretty good in Virginia, with God’s University headed to the College World Series, where the Cavaliers will take on California in their opener at 2 p.m. Sunday.

But it looks like long-suffering Cavahoo basketball fans – like yours truly — might have something to cheer for when hoops season rolls around. In ESPN’s main story on its college basketball front, Andy Katz opines that the Wahoos might be ready to make a run at the ACC’s upper echelon.

My take: And yes, it makes me giddy. Can’t wait for November.

Listen, I have no allusions that UVa will beat Carolina or even Duke this year. But a top-four or five finish in the ACC for God’s University would be AWESOME.

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