Maurice Morgan commits to Wolfpack

Congratulations to Maurice Morgan of North Lenoir, who has verbally committed to play football at N.C. State University. From

LaGrange (NC) North Lenoir athlete Maurice Morgan was hoping for an offer from NC State and received it over the weekend. It didn’t take Morgan long to reach a decision after securing the offer. “I’ve committed to NC State,” said Morgan. “I called the coaches last night and told them I was verbally committing. They offered me a scholarship on Sunday, and I thought about it for a little while and decided it was the right time to do it.” Morgan had a solid junior season playing tailback, wide receiver, safety and special teams for North Lenior. He rushed for nearly 700 yards in limited reps, but athletically he projects as a wide receiver or safety on the next level. NC State is recruiting Morgan as an athlete.He also held an offer from East Carolina before selecting the Wolfpack. “I like the facilities a lot at State,” said Morgan. “Plus, I really get a long with the coaches. They are all cool. I liked them when I went up to camp at State.” Pack Pride will have more from Morgan on his decision in the near future so stay tuned!  

Free Press Sports Editor Ryan Herman will have a full story in tomorrow’s paper and online at

My take: I’ve known Maurice since almost the day I got to Lenoir County — he was one of my first Kinston/Lenoir County Parks and Rereation Department student-athletes of the week years ago and I’ve watched as he’s grown into one of the great young men in our city. He interns for the Kinston Indians and the Parks/Rec Department and is going to do a great job in Raleigh.

Join me in congratulating Maurice.

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  1. PeteyPablo says:

    Hanks…is this guy any good? If I remember correctly….NL sucked in football in recent memory.

  2. Bryan Hanks says:

    P-Squared: Oh yeah, he’s the real deal. He’ll probably be a safety or an “athlete” for State, and he’s a hell of an athlete.

  3. heelatious says:

    Congratulations to Maurice. He was definitely one of the lone bright spots on a terrible NL football team last year before he was injured. Good luck to him this year, and during his time at State.

  4. John Q. Awesome says:

    Great news for Maurice and for the Pack. Congrats!

  5. guitarwrecker says:

    Congrats Maurice, make the most of it.

  6. B says:

    Congrats Maurice! Welcome to the Pack!

  7. Brian W says:

    Congratulations to another local student athlete. It is always nice to see our local guys do well.

    Looks like the NCAA investigation in Chapel Hill is coming to an end. See below. Not confirmed this yet but looks like Austin and Little could miss a few games. I hope this report is correct.

  8. Brian W says:

    Two things to add. The comments from that article are awful from all sides. Sorry about that.

    Secondly, another hometown student athlete started his collegiate career with a bang last night in the Bahamas. Reggie Bullock and the Heels played an exhibition game down there last night and Reggie went for 21 points on 9-13 shooting. They play another game tonight.

  9. heelatious says:

    If that report is accurate, there are going to be a lot of disappointed wuffies who were hoping against hope that this was going to be some kind of east coast version of the USC fiasco.

    I think when all is said and done, it’s going to be a very minor deal.

  10. Brian W says:

    I agree with you. After looking a little more into this thing, that website is not the most reputable place around. From what I am hearing out of Chapel Hill, it will end up being a minor deal. However, I have to say that some of these guys have used some poor judgement in some of their decisions.

  11. canyoureadthis says:

    While it may be a minor deal, the so called Wuffies have beat up on your little tar sh*ts for the last few years. I wish i could have saw the tears you cried when russel said he was coming back for another season of football. He’s the ultimate powder blue destroyer :)

  12. heelatious says:

    Typical wuffpecker fan, your entire season is made because you beat Carolina. By all means, ignore the fact that your wuffies have posted 4 straight LOSING seasons. Contrary to popular belief, beating Carolina does not count for 3 wins on the wuffpecker schedule.

    If winning one game a year, and continuing to string together losing seasons year after year is your measure of success, then Tom O’Brien is well on his way to being enshrined in the College Football HOF.

  13. canyoureadthis says:

    not a wolf fan, just bringing up the glaring fact carolina fans can’t face, they consistantly lose to state with their “on the rise” program under big butchie

  14. heelatious says:

    You can ask any of my buddies that pull for State, I have been nothing but complimentary of Russell Wilson, and his game. He is an immensley talented QB, who has had our number no doubt. I don’t think he would be a successful QB at the next level, due to his lack of height, but luckily for him, he’s a talented baseball player, and hopefully will have a long, successful career on the diamond, when he hangs up his football spikes in Raleigh.

    Again, would I like Carolina to beat State in football, of course. Would I rather beat them, and then go on to finish 5-7, and miss playing in a bowl game, no. If your basis for who has had the most success in their first 3 years at their respective school is head-to-head wins, then you’re going to say O’Brien. If your basis is better overall record, better conference record, and more bowl appearances, then you’re going to say Butch.

    Butch is 20-18 overall, 11-13 in the ACC, with 2 bowl appearances. TOB is 16-21 overall, 9-15 in the ACC, with 1 bowl appearance. I happen to think that Butch has our program a little farther down the road to being a factor in the ACC title hunt than TOB has the Pack. TOB does have one distinct advantage, as the Atlantic Division of the ACC is far inferior to the Coastal Division.

    Time will tell, but I would rather have Butch on the Hill than TOB. Check with BC fans, and you will find that they were far from heartbroken when TOB left town to go to Raleigh.

  15. canyoureadthis says:

    I agree with your post, and i know the records and stats. And your far from a normal carolina fan. Most if not 90% of them refuse to give Wilson credit. However I do agree with your statement on his career. Most State fans and outsiders do not think he has a shot at baseball. The kid is very talented. There’s a reason the rockies picked him up. He has a huge upside

  16. heelatious says:

    I would take Wilson in a heartbeat at Carolina. He can beat teams with his arm, and his feet, which makes him the ultimate weapon at the QB position. I am hoping that we have our own version of Wilson in Bryn Renner this year.

    After seeing all of the game film on him, and watching him in the Spring Game at Kenan a couple of months ago, you can tell the kid has the physical tools, and maybe more importantly, the mental toughness, to be a sucessful QB. He has the athleticsm, and the arm strength, to be a good QB, and the way he carries himself on the field, he looks like a leader, which is something that TJ has never possessed in my opinion.

    If Butch really wants to take this program to the next level, then the time is now to play a QB who at least on the surface, appears to have the tools required, to maximize the potential of our offense. If Renner can do for our offense half of what Wilson has done for State’s, then we will be in good shape this year. One things for certain, he can’t help us if he doesn’t play, and that’s up to Butch. I for one am hoping that I have seen the last of TJ Yates under center for Carolina.

  17. canyoureadthis says:

    a la sexton? i knwo he did great things for yall, most people wont’ admit that. also i see lee has chimed in about who i know coaching wise. i mean say i’m 12, ask hanks he’s met me, knows what i do. hopefully i can meet you sometime, maybe at a live draft or soemthing

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