The Boise State cheerleader…

Here’s Boise State star Ian Johnson — who scored the winning TD the other night — and his fiance, Chrissy Popadics. You make the call. I’m trying to remember who she reminds me of…



6 Responses to The Boise State cheerleader…

  1. jwade says:

    …..jeremy hiatt for ncsu shooting guard….oh you said bad.

  2. jschmo says:

    How about a phonetic spelling of that last name before we make crude comments…

  3. jwade says:

    for some reason i thought he had an unusual spelling of his last name. guess i should have done my research before hand. sorry jschmuck.

  4. The Kid says:

    i guess it will be a johnson – popadics wedding?

  5. heelsfan says:

    how nice….

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