Win Presbyterian-ECU tickets — UPDATED

Here you go: your opportunity to win tickets to this weekend’s series against Presbyterian. I have four tickets to Friday’s 7 p.m. game and four tickets to Saturday’s doubleheader that begins at 1 p.m.

The first winner will have their choice of the day, while the second winner (in the next contest) will get the other day’s tickets.

YOUR FIRST QUESTION: An ECU player led Conference USA in runs scored IN LEAGUE GAMES in 2004. Name the player and how many runs he scored that year.

Put your answer in the comments section or send me an e-mail at

25 Responses to Win Presbyterian-ECU tickets — UPDATED

  1. ECPirates11 says:

    Tempting to answer Hanks, but I can’t use the tickets so I won’t. But the guy is still scoring tons of runs, just playing intramural softball!!

  2. Bryan Hanks says:

    ECP — he’s still floating around ECU?

  3. PantherFan says:

    Paige, Jamie = 67 runs in 2004

  4. Bryan Hanks says:

    PantherFan…while Jamie Paige certainly led CUSA in official at-bats with 142 in 2004, he wasn’t the league-leader in runs — at least according to the CUSA source that I have. Try again!

  5. Bryan Hanks says:

    Oops, all — this is runs scored in CUSA games only, not overall. My bad…

  6. PantherFan says:

    acordind to the team stats for 2004 he had 67 and Jones had 66.

  7. PantherFan says:

    Wait a minute, I answered the question you asked. You gona change the question after I answered it?????????

  8. ECPirates11 says:

    I was talking about Jamie, Hanks. And yeah he’s floating around ECU in grad school and plays flag football and softball w/me. I didn’t realize the question was only league games.

  9. PantherFan says:

    It wasn’t at first, it got changed after I answered it.

  10. PantherFan says:

    Foul on Hanks.

  11. PantherFan says:

    I answered the question you asked, I should get the tickets.

  12. PantherFan says:

    Hanks First.
    Name the player and how many runs he scored that year.
    Hanks Second.

    Oops, all — this is runs scored in CUSA games only, not overall. My bad…

  13. PantherFan says:

    I got to go Hanks, shoot me an email if you change your mind as I won’t be at my computer for a while but can get your email on my blackberry.

  14. Bryan Hanks says:

    PantherFan — you win the tix; I’ll pop you an e-mail.

  15. Wimpyman says:

    PantherFan acts like hes won tickets to Game #7 of the World Series….for crying out loud its ECU and Presbyterian!!! More excitement sitting in front of Chick-fil-a at Vernon Park Mall.

  16. Bryan Hanks says:

    Wimpy — let the man be happy! Maybe he’s not been to Clark-LeClair, which is an awesome stadium! Regardless, let him enjoy it. PantherFan is one of our all-timers and I’m glad he won.

  17. ECPirates11 says:

    Wimpy, you’ll see more girls in 5 minutes at Clark-LeClair than you’ll see in 5 days in Vernon Park. Not quite the same level. Pirate baseball is a high level. Presbyterian might not be the best opponent, but just the atmosphere at CLS makes it worth going.

  18. Wimpyman says:

    Not saying he shouldnt be happy. Just seemed a little over the top for ECU-Presbyterian baseball tickets. Right up there with ECU-Longwood basketball tickets in my book. You want to give someone a real prize? Save up some money and go to Chapel Hill next season for a game at Boshamer Stadium after it is completed. ECU baseball is not even close to the level of whats being played at Carolina nor has it been the last two or three years. Sure if your idea of a successful season is a NCAA berth, ECU has had success but come on. I have been to games at Clark-Leclair and the “atmosphere” you speak of is much like games at Bagwell Field at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium off of Greenville Boulevard, Greenville, Pitt County, North Carolina, United States of America. A bunch of intoxicated, half dressed college students who dont know baseball from badminton.

  19. PantherFan says:

    Hey Wimp,

    I have been to a lot of ECU baseball games this year. I enjoy ECU baseball and was indeed happy to win the tickets no matter who they are playing.

    As far as your last comment about the students at ECU I was on campus last night attending the 2008 Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society Induction Ceremony where my son was being inducted into the group.

    I really don’t see where you have a dog in this hunt so but out wimp. I actually have a lot more choice words I would like to say to you however I don’t want Hanks to delete my post. However I would be more than willing to express those thoughts to you face to face any time you would like.

  20. ECPirates11 says:

    Greenville=30 minutes
    Orange County =2 hours

    And we double UNC in attendance on average.

  21. Wimpyman says:

    Hey pipe down there Stymie. If you want to go to the game then go. Its all good. Im sure ECU has a few intellegent souls in its student body. No reason to get all mad about it on a blog.

    ECPirates, what difference does it make how many people are in the stands if the product on the field is lacking? You want a good baseball team or you want to party in the bleachers? Thats what kills me about ECU fans/students. You guys have such an inferiority complex when it comes to not only Carolina but the rest of the ACC.

  22. PantherFan says:

    Hey wimp, what year did you graduate from UNC?

  23. Wimpyman says:

    Class of 1985.

  24. PantherFan says:

    Good for you, at least you are not one of the thousands of Wal-Mart tarheel fans.

  25. ECPirates11 says:

    I’ve been to baseball games at both places. Including Boshamer the last 2 years. Clark-LeClair easily is a better place to watch a game. I want to watch a good game but enjoy the atmosphere as well. There is no partying in the bleachers. You can’t bring alcohol or anything inside the gate anymore. ECU was a party school in the 80′s and 90′s. Things have changed significantly. And I’m sure the new stadium will be a significant upgrade from Boshamer but when you can drive 30 minutes and see good baseball why would you drive 2 hours unless you’re a diehard UNC fan. Just my opinion man. Oh and there’s no inferiority complex. We shouldn’t get into that in this thread though. Let’s stick to the baseball.

    UNC’s RPI is 3
    ECU’s RPI is 9

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