Cleveland fires Wedge

The Cleveland Indians have announced a 1:30 p.m. press conference, where it will be announced that manager Eric Wedge will be fired at the end of the season.

Wedge managed the Kinston Indians in 1999 before eventually taking over the big league team from 2003-2009. He was inducted into the Kinston Professional Baseball Hall of Fame in February 2007.

ESPN is speculating that Boston Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell, who spent a lot of time in Kinston as the Indians’ director of player development over the years, could be the next Cleveland manager.

My take: This move was probably overdue, although I hate Wedge wasn’t able to get things going in Cleveland. It didn’t help his effort, though, when the Cleveland brass decided to trade Victor Martinez to Boston and Cliff Lee to Philadelphia.

Hopefully, one of the nicest managers I’ve ever talked to — former K-Tribe skipper Torey Lovullo — will get a shot at the Cleveland job. Lovullo has worked his way up the organizational ladder from Kinston in 2003 and 2004 to Triple-A Columbus, where he managed the past four seasons, although the first three were in Buffalo.

Lovullo is a heck of a manager — he won titles in Kinston (2004) and Double-A Akron (2005) before landing in Buffalo/Columbus. He was considered for the Dodgers gig in 2006 and the Pirates job a year later.

Cheerleader of the Day; Sept. 30, 2009

Welcome to today’s cheerleader of the day feature. 

Every day, we’ll celebrate our favorite sports seasons, teams and school spirit with tasteful views of those student cheerleaders or professional cheerleaders who represent their respective teams.

Today, we feature a high-flying Oklahoma State University cheerleader:


For a better view of the photo, click on the picture itself. To make a suggestion for a future COTD, leave it in the comments or send me an e-mail to

Morning News Report; Sept. 30, 2009


The world is still reacting to Roman Polanski’s arrest in Switzerland on his rape and drugging of a then-13-year-old child more than 30 years ago. ABC News has an excellent blow-by-blow account of the crime located here; although I suggest you go check it out, be aware that it does get a bit graphic in parts.

My take: Frankly, I am shocked that people — including many Hollywood directors and actors — are rising up to support this rapist! Folks, he ADMITTED that he raped and drugged a 13-year-old child!

Let’s put this in perspective. Let’s say that Chester McGee, a pipefitter from Lenoir County (Lord, I hope there’s no one in the county with that name) drugged and then raped a 13-year-old in 1977. He escaped from the law and stayed undercover for more than 30 years.

Eventually, he’s caught at Walmart in Kinston and arrested. Where would the support for Chester the Child Molester be then? There would be a public outcry in support of law enforcement for finally tracking down Chester, so he COULDN’T RAPE AND DRUG ANY MORE CHILDREN!

The Polanski story just continues to make me sicker and sicker the more I read it. You think that was the only time he raped and/or drugged a 13-year-old? No, me either. Good for the LAPD; throw the pedophile in prison for the rest of his life.


Our good friend Flagan brought up a good point in reference to yesterday’s MNR about Facebook pulling a poll asking if President Obama should be killed: where was the outrage when President George W. Bush had similar threats?

He provided a link to a site called zomblog; click here and go a little down the page, where the writer has an essay — and a slew of pictures — that show that W had many similar threats that were never fully investigated.

My take: I’ll echo what the zomblog author said — I do not condone any president, be it Obama, W or any of them, being threatened. A threat with any sort of proof (pictorial, oral, etc.) should be investigated by the Secret Service.

But here’s why Obama’s threats are taken more seriously: he’s black. Yep, it’s that simple. It’s common knowledge that there are a lot more racists out there who would rather kill Obama than there were left-wing zealots (who probably don’t own a gun in the first place) who would’ve tried to kill W.

Again — every idiot who held a sign advocating Bush should’ve been killed (and you’ll see a lot of them at the above link) should’ve been as vigorously investigated as people who threaten Obama.


Following a major earthquake in the Pacific Ocean, a typhoon hit American Samoa, Samoa and Tonga, killing at least 111 but probably many more yesterday.

My take: Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Americans and others killed and affected by this. Perhaps it’s a good time to give blood to help our brothers and sisters out…?

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Pick these games, Week 7


Wilson Beddingfield at Kinston

South Lenoir at Swansboro 

Parrott Academy at Fayetteville Trinity Christian

North Pitt at Greene Central

East Duplin at Jacksonville Northside


East Carolina at Marshall

N.C. State at Wake Forest

Florida State at Boston College

LSU at Georgia

Auburn at Tennessee


Tampa Bay at Washington

Tennessee at Jacksonville

Baltimore at New England

Buffalo at Miami

Dallas at Denver

Standings after Week 6

A tough week across the line as the best record was 10-5 — and it was turned in by 10 players (Petey Pablo, Randy Capps, Jeff Howard, Jackson, Jagshouse, Kelly Rouse, COliver, me, Native Son and GWhitley).

However, when you break down the categories, there were some impressive performances. Bealest Buc had the only perfect preps record (6-0), while five players (Jackson, Kelly Rouse, Jagshouse, John Q. Awesome and Eastern) went 4-1 in college. Shandshp was the only perfect player in the NFL (4-0) — he was the only player of the 37 to pick Detroit’s win over Washington.

With Petey Pablo’s 10-5 week, he is now two games ahead of the field, including Randy Capps and Blake H., who are tied for second. Jeff Howard jumps to a fourth-place tie with three-time blogs pick ‘em champ JWade, four games back.

Here are the standings; as always, a big thanks to the sexy, sleepy, sensitive, special, sensual and saucy Hot Blonde for her help with this!  

Rank (LW)                          OA wins       This week

1. (1) Petey Pablo                68-22 (.756)              10-5

T2 (T3) Randy Capps         66-24 (.733)             10-5

T2 (2) Blake H.                    66-24 (.733)             9-6

T4 (T7) Jeff Howard             64-26 (.711)           10-5

T4 (T3) JWade                       64-26 (.711)              8-7

T6 (T7) Heelsfan                    63-27 (.700)             9-6

T6 (T9) Jackson                    63-27 (.700)             10-5

T6 (T9) Kelly Rouse              63-27 (.700)             10-5

T9 (T9) Check Swing          62-28 (.689)            9-6

T9 (T5) Jacque Strapp        62-28 (.689)             7-8

T9 (T9) Jourbet                     62-28 (.689)              9-6

T12 (T15) COliver                61-29 (.678)            10-5 

T12 (T5) Wimpy57             61-29 (.678)              6-9

T14 (T13) B                           60-30 (.667)             8-7

T14 (T15) Eastern                60-30 (.667)            9-6

T14 (T13) Greg Melvin        60-30 (.667)               8-7

T14 (T19) Hanks                  60-30 (.667)             10-5

T14 (T15) Heelatious            60-30 (.667)          9-6

T19 (T19) BealestBuc           59-31 (.656)            9-6

T19 (22) Native Son                59-31 (.656)           10-5

T21 (T23) Jagshouse               58-32 (.644)              10-5

T21 (T19) RouseHouse            58-32 (.644)          8-7

23. (T23) Ryan Herman         57-33 (.633)             9-6

T24 (T25) DeepRunDynasty  55-35 (.611)             8-7

T24 (T28) Shandshp               55-35 (.611)              9-6

T26 (T25) Horns                       54-36 (.600)             7-8

T26 (30) John Q. Awesome   54-36 (.600)          9-6

T26 (T25) TwinFan                  54-36 (.600)              7-8

29. (T28) Comet65                    53-37 (.589)             7-8

30. (T18) RJarman                   51-24 (.680)             —–

31. (T31) Deep Run Pirate       50-40 (.556)             6-9

32. (33) Blue Devil99              49-25 (.662)            6-9

33. (T31) Taplie Coile             49-41 (.544)             5-10

34. (34) Lesboulez                  48-41 (.539)               9-6

35. (35) GWhitley                   47-28 (.627)             10-5

36. (38) Canyoureadthis        36-24 (.600)            8-7

37. (39) RA Jones                    35-25 (.583)            9-6

38. (36) Wildman                    34-11 (.756)               —– 

39. (37) Sue Oliver                  29-16 (.644)         —–

40. (40) JDawson                    22-22 (.500)             —–

41. (41) KHSdefensivetackle 21-9 (.700)           —–

42. (42) The Kid                    17-13 (.567)        —–

43. (44) BHatcher                     15-15 (.500)            6-9

44. (43) Coach5511                  10-5 (.667)            —–

Cheerleader of the Day; Sept. 29, 2009

Welcome to today’s cheerleader of the day feature. 

Every day, we’ll celebrate our favorite sports seasons, teams and school spirit with tasteful views of those student cheerleaders or professional cheerleaders who represent their respective teams.

Today, we feature a cheerleader from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:


For a better view of the photo, click on the picture itself. To make a suggestion for a future COTD, leave it in the comments or send me an e-mail to

Morning News Report; Sept. 29, 2009


You know those irritating polls on Facebook that ask you all sorts of inane questions? Evidently, one of the polls went way, way over the line: it asked if President Obama should be killed.

Facebook pulled the poll and the Secret Service is investigating.

My take: Is someone really that stupid to post such a poll? Whoever did that needs some serious therapy and some serious jail time.



The latest attempt to make money off a dead man — Michael Jackson’s final practices for his London concerts called “This Is It” that has been turned into a movie — is working. Tickets for the movie have been selling out all over the world.

My take: Seriously? Are we that hard-up for entertainment that folks will pay $10 to see a REHEARSAL?


I still think, though, that he’s alive and all this is just an attempt to bring him back to relevance. It worked, Michael; now stop.

How long before people start seeing him pop up at a convenience story, like they did Elvis and Tupac?


The Dallas Cowboys overcame a 7-0 halftime deficit to keep the Carolina Panthers winless with a 21-7 victory on Monday Night Football.

My take: As much as I’m worrying about my Redskins, at least they have a win. The Panthers are, well, not good and their quarterback play behind Jake Delhomme is putrid.

The kicker is that Carolina gave Delhomme a $20 million non-refundable signing bonus in the offseason — think they’re regretting that now?

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Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) — Journey

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Josh Lovick on WITN

This slipped through the cracks while I was out last week: Kinston High School’s Josh Lovick was student-athlete of the week on WITN NBC-7 last Tuesday. Click here for the link to the video. Once you’re on the WITN site, click on the video screen.

My take: Very, very good job by Dave Jordan, the WITN news anchor. A nice piece about one of the KHS football contributors who will also be a big-time star for the East Carolina University baseball team in 2010.

Morning News Report; Sept. 28, 2009


Renowned director Roman Polanski, who admitted to illegal sex with a 13-year-old in 1977 (when he was 44) in California, was arrested in Switzerland over the weekend.

His lawyers are saying he will fight the extradition back to the States.

My take: From what little I know about this, Polanski has basically thumbed his nose at U.S. officials for more than 30 years. Although the victim has forgiven Polanski and doesn’t want the pervert director jailed, it’s good to see the justice system finally work.


The animated feature “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball” brought in $24.6 million at the weekend box office, holding off “Surrogates” ($15 million) for the top spot. “Cloudy” won the box office for the second straight week.

Third through fifth were “Fame” ($10 million), “The Informant!” ($6.9 million) and “Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself)” ($4.8 million).

My take: I’m not the only one shocked that Bruce Willis’ “Surrogates” wasn’t No. 1 this week. The HB and I saw “Surrogates” Friday night and it was OK — not great, but certainly not as bad as some reviewers skewered it. From 1 to 10, I’d give it a 6; it was entertaining but not memorable.


The Detroit Lions snapped the second-longest losing streak — 19 games — in NFL history by beating the Washington Redskins, 19-14, yesterday.

Rumors are also rampant that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder will probably fire coach Jim Zorn.

My take: Note that I didn’t type “upset” in the above headline … ’cause it wasn’t an upset. Detroit was the better team yesterday and they showed it on the field.

On a personal note — and as I mentioned on my Facebook page yesterday — I don’t know what I’ve done to piss off the football gods, but obviously, I have. Here are my favorite teams:

  • Washington is 1-2, with its lone win a 9-7 survival against winless St. Louis, arguably the worst team in football
  • My beloved Virginia Cavahoos are 0-3 and are going to have their booties handed to them by an angry Carolina team on Saturday
  • My high school alma mater — North Wilkes — is 0-6 and has been outscored 233-39 this season

Yep, I’ve done something to make them mad. At least they have a chance to turn it around a bit: the next three games for the Skins are at home against Tampa Bay, at Carolina and home against the Chiefs.  

I’d give Zorn another week; if they lose at home (or look like poo again) to the terrible Buccaneers, then I’d find another coach.

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Pimp Juice — Nelly

Steal The Show — Nelly & The St. Lunatics

Sept. 25 scores

Just local scores, since I’m on vacation. Thanks to Ryan Herman for texting me these (and to Charlie Casey, Michael Moon and Heelatious for their updates, too!).

SW Edgecombe 28, Kinston 13

North Lenoir 14, Pamlico 8

Richlands 27, South Lenoir 20

Wilson Beddingfield 32, Greene Central 26, OT

Jones Senior 40, Ayden-Grifton 12

Halifax Academy 45, Parrott Academy 13