UNC Seniors headed back to North Lenoir

Mark Monday, April 9 on your calendar: that’s when the UNC Senior Tour will visit Wheat Swamp at 7 p.m.

That’s right — Reyshawn Terry, Wes Miller and some walk-ons and former Tar Heels will take on a local team featuring Elijah Rouse, Dusty Davis and some media types, including me, Brian North, Richard Clark and other players.

There will be a slam-dunk exhibition during the night and the game will be followed by an autograph session that will last for an hour (note: only three items per person). 

Tickets are $8 in advance and are available at Ken’s Grill on U.S. 70 or by getting them at NL from Wayne Barwick. Tickets at the door will be $10.

Should be a fun night; hope to see you out there.

Taplie CAN play basketball

Faithful blogger J. Taplie Coile — who is a Greenville lawyer and the official scorer for the Kinston Indians — played in the Lawyers vs. Doctors basketball game last night in Greenville.

Here is actual photographic proof:


From the Greenville Daily Reflector, that’s JTC on the far right. Dude — get a tan!

Sidney Lowe’s son in a load of trouble

N.C. State coach Sidney Lowe’s son has 22 — yes, 22! — charges pending against him. Included in the list are six counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon, six counts of second-degree kidnapping and one count of assault inflicting serious bodily injury.


(That’s Sidney’s son on the left)

Good grief! Could this have happened because of that stupid red jacket his daddy wears?


Hilarious “story” on Tommy Amaker

Check out this little ditty at sportspickle.com … My favorite part is this:

 “I plan to get another job soon,” said Amaker. “There are a lot of schools out there where repeatedly going to the NIT would be pretty good. And I am the master of the NIT. So the Colorado’s, Penn State’s, Miami’s, and Seton Hall’s of the world, give me a call. Okay, well not Seton Hall. They probably wouldn’t want me back.”

Freaking hilarious!

NCAA picks update (heading into Final Four)

Congratulations to BHerring and JWade No. 2, who have all the Final Four teams.

BHerring            131 (48) Ohio State

Flagan                118 (40) Florida

JWade No. 2      118 (48) Georgetown

KHS loving sister 117 (32) UNC

Clay                  116 (32) Ohio State

ENCMetalhead    114 (40) Memphis

GWhitley            114 (32) Florida

SLFootball15      111 (24) UNC

Heelatious          110 (24) UNC

Hanks                109 (32) Ohio State

Packpride           109 (32) Florida

JFlagan              103 (32) Florida

JGoodson          102 (32) Ohio State

The Kid               100 (40) Ohio State

TannerWhitley    100 (24) Oregon

CBeaman101    98 (24) Kansas

COliver              97 (24) Kansas

Taplie Coile         94 (24) Ohio State

Johnny Kennedy 85 (8) UNC

KTown Pirate      81 (16) Texas A&M

SLFootball15 Dad 79 (8) Texas A&M

Tatemooring      76 (0) UNC

JWade No. 1      76 (0) UNC

BWard                75 (24) UCLA

Charlie K            64 (8) Kansas

Yes, that’s Free Press City Editor Charlie Kraebel in last place. Heh, heh…