Morning News Report; Jan. 26, 2012

Ahhh … the ol’ MNR. Here you go:


It sure looks like it in a photo that has, no doubt, circled the globe a few times since it was taken yesterday; in it, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer appears to be wearing out President Obama about SOMETHING:

(Photo courtesy: Associated Press; click for better view)

My take: According to both, it’s not as bad as it appeared. I’ll say this: President Obama is not perfect … but he’s still the president. If this type of exchange is going to take place, it sure as hell doesn’t need to take place out in public in front of cameras. Walk with him inside and talk to him.

Something like this does nothing but hurt America’s image in front of the world. It’s this simple — even if you don’t like Obama, respect his office. It’s too bad she can’t be punished for what appears to be an overt lack of disrespect.


A Gastonia man on death row rips the penal system while (literally) laughing at citizens and challenging them to go ahead and kill him in a letter to the Gaston Gazette.

My take: If you read this and it doesn’t anger you … you’re either a pacifist to the nth degree or mentally unstable.

This man ADMITTED to killing three women, then thumbs his nose at all of us. If there was ever — as comedian Ron White says of Texas — a death row express lane, this douche deserves it.


So … you’re just getting used to Facebook? Guess what? The powers-that-be are changing the way your profile looks AGAIN.

My take: Congrats, Facebook — you’re yet another step closer to becoming MySpace. I know things change every day and you feel compelled to keep up with the “kids,” but you’re also starting to drive away users … like myself. Again, congratulations.

The iPod shuffle

Breakfast In America — Supertramp

Change Your Mind — The All-American Rejects

Dirty Day — U2

Cold As Ice — Foreigner

Darlington County — Bruce Springsteen