Morning News Report; Sept. 29, 2010


George Lucas’ six “Star Wars” franchises will begin hitting the big screen in 3D in 2012. The films will start with “The Phantom Menace” and be released a year apart.

My take: I’m a peripheral “Star Wars” fan, but even I’m pretty excited by this — I’m pretty sure you’ll see me at a couple of these showings.


The principal from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” Jeffrey Jones, is in trouble with the law for failing to register as a sex offender. Evidently Ol’ Principal Rooney likes ‘em young — and male: he was convicted of enticing a 14-year-old boy to pose for nude photos seven years ago when he was 57.

My take: Wow. What a perv.

Anyhoo, referencing my favorite movie of all time gives me the opportunity to share a theory our good friend — and Free Press education reporter — “The Kid” (Justin Hill) shared with me about Ferris: the whole thing was a figment of Cameron’s imagination, a la “Fight Club.”

If you’ve never seen the movie, none of this will make sense to you, but check out the above link — it’s a pretty good theory and certainly makes some sense.


The Cincinnati Reds are in the playoffs for the first time since 1995, while the defending World Series champion N.Y. Yankees and the fan-less Tampa Bay Rays

My take: Loved all the discussion yesterday, but I agree with resident genius Randy Capps’ take — there’s no reason two players on the Yankees should make more than five or six franchises.

Don’t get it twisted — I’ve watched more live MLB games in the past five years than NFL or NBA games; live baseball is the best to me. But it’s just frustrating to know that there are only two, three or four MLB franchises that can win a title in a given year.

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Morning News Report; Sept. 21, 2010


A Kings Mountain man allegedly molested a girl under the age of 16 … months after he showed her a video of a woman performing a sex act on a horse.

You can’t make this crap up.

My take: If this is true — and God, I pray it’s not — this man needs to be buried under a prison somewhere. Or at least put him in a cell with Bubba, who’ll take good care of him for the next 10 to 20  years on a daily basis.


Less than a week after giving up his Heisman Trophy, New Orleans Saints RB Reggie Bush could be facing six weeks of sideline duty after breaking a bone in his leg.

My take: This will hurt the Saints, but not as much as you think. There are a stable of running backs and wide receivers in New Orleans and Drew Brees loves to spread the wealth.

Too bad for Bush, though; could it be karma for all the pain he’s caused USC?


The cause of death of Denver Broncos wide receiver Kenny McKinley appears to be suicide.

My take: Sad — especially since he has a small son and his future appeared to be bright, playing in Denver’s pass-happy offense.

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Morning News Report; Sept. 17, 2010


A man twice convicted for indecent liberties with a minor was arrested yesterday after he walked his girlfriend’s child to class at Northwest Elementary. He also admitted to investigators that he had a social networking page, that he attended an educational facility as a student (I’m guessing LCC or Pitt C.C.) and that he had an e-mail account.

He’s also been featured in our Sex Offender of the Day here on the blog. Here’s a look at his pictures; the first one is what is listed with the N.C. Sex Offender Registry, the second is his mug shot from yesterday:



My take: Looks like he’s grown his hair out in the past year or so.

Kudos to the Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office for its excellent job in arresting this repeat sex offender. Hopefully, he’s locked away for a long, long time — and away from our county’s children.


The N.C. State Wolfpack routed two-time Big East champion Cincinnati last night in Raleigh, 30-19.

My take: Not a lot was expected out of the Wuffies this year — is it possible they could be the ACC’s surprise team this year?


The NFL has cleared the way for San Diego holdout wide receiver Vincent Jackson to be traded from the Chargers. If the team trades him by Wednesday, he could play by Week 4; if not, he’ll not be able to play until Week 6 because of his suspension for a pair of DUI arrests.

It appears Seattle, Minnesota, Washington and St. Louis are the leaders for his services.

My take: Personally, I’d love to see him become a Redskin — he’s arguably one of the top 10 WRs in the game today and God knows we (yes, Herman, I said “we”) need another wideout.

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P.S.: Don’t forget to get your picks in; also, as of this writing, only a handful of you have made your pick in this week’s blog survivor pool. Your deadline is Sunday at noon, but the earlier the better (since I’m going to be on the road on Sunday).

Sex offender update: Rodney L. Coward

Rodney L. Coward, a sex offender convicted of two sexual crimes, has moved; back in December 2008, he was at 518C Georgetown Road in Kinston, but now he has moved to 506 E. Caswell Street.

Here are three shots of Mr. Coward, who has two sex convictions; his first conviction was of attempted rape and an attempted sex offense (1st and 2nd degree) on Oct. 19, 1993 for which he served three years and a month and a half of a 10-year sentence. Mr. Coward’s second conviction came on May 6, 1999 and was for indecent liberty with a minor, which he served 16 months.




I am firing back up the sex offender update, which I will update every day Monday through Friday. You need to know where these men and women are — and I’m going to let you know who they are.

Registered sex offender on the loose

And there’s a reward for this man’s capture!


The Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office is looking for this registered sex offender, DeAngelo D. Graham, 29. He moved from his last known address at 1711-B Rosedale Ave., and has illegally failed to notify the sheriff’s office of his move. A warrant for his arrest has been issued. If you know where he is, call Lt. Jim Ward at 252-560-0507; a reward for his capture is being offered by the LCSO.

And if Mr. Graham looks familiar — you are a certified bloggee. He was featured as a Sex Offender Update on Jan. 5 when he moved to 1711-B Rosedale Ave. You can also check out Mr. Graham’s history by hitting the link.

Speaking of which — I have been massively behind in updating those sex offenders here on the blog; do you guys like to have them here? If so, I’ll pick it back up. If not, I’ll just let it go except for cases like this. Let me know.

Sex offender update: Randy Earl Blount


This is Randy Earl Blount, 37, of 501 Judy Lane in Kinston. He was convicted of two counts of sexual battery and assault on a female on Sept. 4, 2007 (two years tomorrow). For his crime, he served two months and 15 days.

That wasn’t Mr. Blount’s only trouble with the law; he also was convicted of stalking in 2004 (for which he received probation) and possessing/trafficking a controlled substance in 1997 (for which he was in prison for nearly two years).

Morning News Report; Sept. 3, 2009

Before I get the MNR started this a.m., please take a moment and check out the funniest column Jon Dawson has written. You’ll thank me later.


Sarah Palin’s grandbaby’s daddy is hitting the talk show circuits and magazines; now he’s telling everyone that Palin and her husband don’t sleep in the same bedroom (and constantly talk about divorce), that she doesn’t know how to shoot a gun and that she wanted to fool the world into believing his child was actually Sarah’s.

Oh yeah, he also said the reason Palin resigned the Alaska governorship was to make easy money instead of having to work for it.

My take: Is this a guy trying to make a fast buck or is this legit? Regardless, none of this is good for the Palin in 2012 folks.


Remember the woman who got in trouble for doing gross things at a Western N.C. Dominos in April? Turns out she’s a 31-year-old registered sex offender named Kristy Lynn Hammonds who got busted for having relations with a 14-year-old girl several years ago.


Now, she’s been banned from Wilkes Community College (my old stomping grounds!) because high school students attend WCC and sex offenders can’t be in the same place as high school students.

My take: Good for WCC! If you read this story (by former ENC wunderkind Corey Friedman), you can see she’s made some bad decisions in her life. Why should she be treated any differently than any male sex offender who claims “She told me she was 19″?

Again, good for Wilkes Community College. If you’re a sex offender, you’re a sex offender — regardless of your sex.


The greatest rock hand in the history of the world, U2, will be the musical act on the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live” on Sept. 26. That show will be a week to the day before Bono and the boys invade Raleigh’s Carter-Finley Stadium.

Oh yeah, Megan Fox will also be on the same SNL (click on the picture for a better and larger view).


My take: The world’s greatest rock band. One of the world’s sexiest women. I know what I will be watching on Sept. 26!

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Your chance to help a father

I received an e-mail from Josh Swink of Davidson County today in which he asked me to go to this site. I did — and I ask that you do the same.

In a nutshell, Josh is a father of a 5-year-old girl named Holly. Josh’s ex-wife has re-married and that is where the problem lies: his ex-wife’s new husband is a registered sex offender named Jeffrey Wallace Creed.

When Josh tried to change the custody order because his ex-wife was allowing their 5-year-old to live with a FREAKING REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER, the judge — Alice Wood — allowed the ex-wife to retain custody.


I spoke to Josh on the phone an hour ago and he’s doing everything he can to get this turned around. He has started a Web site and is trying to get his story out to the media.

Unfortunately, The Free Press doesn’t have much readership in the greater Davidson County area, but I gave him some advice and told him I’d post links to his site here on the blog.

At his site, you can donate money to help with his substantial legal fees, if you so desire. At the very least, hit his site and let him know you support his cause.

Click here for the information on the registered sex offender, Jeffrey Wallace Creed; here are the pictures of Mr. Creed, 26, who is registered to live at 174 Ashley Lane in Mount Airy:




Here is Mr. Creed’s Department of Corrections page. On the page, you can see that Mr. Creed was convicted of indecent liberties with a child, for which he received 30 months of probation. And now he’s living with a 5-year-old stepdaughter.

I hope you guys are as outraged as I am.

Sex offender update: Donald Dunn (again)


If this face looks familiar here on the blog — it should; this is the third appearance for Donald Dunn, 34, as he’s moved three times around Kinston since we started this about nine months ago.

He was convicted of indecent liberty with a minor on April 11, 2001. He served a little over two years of a three-year sentence for his crime.

He’s moved yet again — for the 17th time since registering as a sex offender on April 15, 2003. Now, he’s living at 1509 N. Queen Street in Kinston. Yep, that’s about six blocks from The Free Press office.

If you remember, Mr. Dunn has a few tattoos — some of which can’t be printed on this blog — but one that states “I’m the bomb piggity.”

Additionally, he has quite an extensive crime history; specifically, he likes to drive with an expired license and possess drugs, something for which he’s served jail time.

Sex offender update: Michael Wayne Hammerberg


This is Michael Wayne Hammerberg, who recently moved from 4539 Little Jones Road in Deep Run to 114 Mill Creek Lane in Pink Hill. He was convicted of first degree rape on Aug. 3, 1990, one of several crimes – including robbery and assault – he served time for until Jan. 28, 2004.

After being released from prison in January 2004, it didn’t take him long to get back in trouble; he was convicted of DWI less than nine months later in October 2004 and of possession of drug parapernalia in December 2004. He served a little more than a year for those convictions.


He got in trouble with the law … again … when he was convicted of two charges of assault on a female on July 6, 2007. He served one month and 20 days for those crimes.

Since being initially released from prison in 2004, he’s had 13 address updates in the N.C. Offender Registry, although he didn’t move to Deep Run until July 21, 2008.

Mr. Hammerberg has no less than 12 aliases, some of which include Michael Gooch, Mike Hawkins, Quebou Smith and Kevin Stricker. He has almost as many tattoos (10) as he does aliases. He also has four, count ‘em, four registered birthdates, so he must get to party a lot on his birthday(s).