Let’s help a Ranger’s wife (UPDATED with photo of T-shirt)

From FOB (and former Army Ranger) Zack Liles, a former LCC and North Lenoir baseball star:

One of my good buddies was killed in action last Oct 1 2010 on our last deployment together. His name is SFC Lance Vogeler and by far one of the best guys I have ever known.We both served in 1st Ranger Battalion as mortar men!! He left behind a wife who was preganet at the time of his death and two other children from a previous marriage (she gave birth to their son on 29 Nov 2010 Colin Patrick Vogeler).

His wife Melissa is doing a Golf tournament on 3 Oct 2011 in Savannah GA in his honor and they have started a Lance Vogeler Memorial Fund and they have came with a T Shirt for the Memorial Fund and I have sent out various emails to everyone that I know in the surrounding Kinston area asking to please order a T shirt in his honor.

All the proceeds go directly to his family so I feel that we should all give back to the ones who paid the ultimate sacrafice for our Freedom. Im going to attach a pic, of all of us and a pic of the T shirt!! I also am attaching his website that I had created in his honor (http://www.sfcvogeler.com/). It was done by a College computer tech Class at Nash Community College that gladly took on the task in completing it as a class project!!

I was hoping that you could post this on your blog in honor of Lance and hopefully getting the word out to the community to help with this Awesome Memorial Fund. Im also working with his Father on doing a softball tournament in his honor in Kinston and we are just trying to pin down a date that works for his family!!

I really appreciate your time and hopefully we can get the WORD out thanks Brother!!

My take: Zack — put my order in for a XXL T-shirt. Bloggees — let’s help this wife and family of a TRUE American hero.

I’m also going to have one of my reporters do a story on this next week. PLEASE do what you can to help this family.

UPDATE 4:40 P.M.: Here is a photo of the T-shirt –

This is the best I could do with it — it’s as big as I could make it.