Free Press Radio Show – Jan. 17, 2013

The latest show features me and Jon Dawson interviewing Brian North about a variety of subjects, including Manti Te’o, Lance Armstrong, Kinston High School basketball, Lenoir County basketball, Jamie McCuthcheon’s hair and something you guys are used to: a live iPod shuffle.

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Paying off a bet … yada, yada, yada

The only comment I’ll provide for this abomination is that I pay off my bets. Carolina 54, Virginia 51. Congrats, Jon Dawson, you magnificient bastard.

My stomach, chest and arms have broken out into a rash. May God have mercy on my soul.

Here’s a nice picture to restore order to the universe:

As always, click on the photos for better (or not so better) views.

And we’re taping a Carolina-Duke podcast in a few; I’ll post it here — and you’re going to want to hear it!

Morning News Report; Nov. 25, 2011

Happy Black Friday to all my African-American friends, who celebrate this day every year to commemorate the history of their struggles and successes in America.

Wait — that’s not what “Black Friday” means? It’s so idiots can stand in line for hours and even days to buy junk? Oh … OK. Well, have a happy one of THOSE, too.

Anyhoo, now on to your MNR:


And yes … the idiots were out, even here in Kinston. Evidently, police/security had to use pepper spray at our Walmart when shoppers got out of hand; here’s a YouTube video of the incident:

Kinston isn’t the only place, though — evidently this type of behavior and results were taking place all over the country.

My take: Craziness. There’s nothing out there that would be worth me being potentially pepper-sprayed to buy it.

And what does this say about us as a society? When it comes down to brass tacks, we’re all just animals who react as such when presented these type of situations. Sad, really.


It’s finally here — the Eastern Regional finals for Kinston (vs. Reidsville), Ayden-Grifton (at Wallace-Rose Hill) and Jones Senior (at Manteo). What’s on the line? Only a trip to the 2AA, the 1AA and the 1A state championships.

My take: Want to know who’s winning but can’t make the game? I’ll be at Kinston but will be updating my Twitter feed at BCHanks throughout the game(s).

KHS quarterback C.J. Bradshaw has organized a “Black Friday” event of his own — he and the Vikings are encouraging everyone to wear black to tonight’s game.

Also, our good friend Michael Moon — an FOB, Free Press free-lancer, KHS softball coach and all-around good fella — let us know the Vikings softball team will be selling raffle tickets at tonight’s game for a new PlayStation3 that will be given away at the end of the third quarter. Tickets are $2 each or three for $5. You know, a PS3 would be an EXCELLENT gift for someone … and you wouldn’t even have to stand in line for 10 hours to get it.


The latest installment of the boorish “Twilight” series is not only terrible, according to critics — it also could be hazardous to your health. Evidently, the vampire birthing scene is causing some male viewers to have seizures. No joke.

My take: As if you — my predominantly male reading audience — needed another reason NOT to see this junk, at least now you have a reason; just tell your significant other, “Hey, if I go, it could give me a seizure! Don’t believe me, check Hanks’ blog!”

The iPod shuffle

You Made Your Bed — Robin Rogers

Beautiful Day — U2

Come As You Are — Nirvana

Dumb — Nirvana

Shake Ya Tailfeather — Nelly featuring P. Diddy & Murphy Lee

P.S.: I had the honor of seeing FOB — and defending Blog Pick ‘em champ — Eastern two weeks ago at the NCISAA 8-man championship game in Raleigh. Eastern — aka Mike Williams — is an official with the NCISAA who has attended EVERY 8-man championship game. And, as evidenced by his great play in our pick ‘em game, he knows his football! Here’s a photo I took at the game two weeks ago:

P.P.S.S.: A dear friend of mine, Michelle Hillison, has a very talented daughter who took some great photos of UNC’s victory against Tennessee State Tuesday night. They were so good, I used one with the game story. To see all of up-and-coming sports photographer Hayley Hillison’s photos from Tuesday’s game, click here.

Morning News Report; June 30, 2011


Unless things change dramatically, Lenoir County Schools Superintendent Terry Cline is going to tender a forced resignation at tonight’s school board meeting. Here’s my special column on my thoughts about the move.

My take: I’m really disappointed in what’s happening with this situation. Dr. Cline is a good and decent man of God who truly loves the kids in this county. Evidently, he fired the wrong people at the wrong time — or forced the retirement of others.

If this goes through — and there’s really no reason to think it won’t, at this point — Lenoir County is losing a great advocate for its children.


You know that “To Catch A Predator” host, Chris Hansen? Allegedly, the 51-year-old was caught on camera cheating with a 30-year-old in Florida. He’s married and the father of two.

But now for the Paul Harvey Moment: This is being reported by the National Enquirer, Jon Dawson’s favorite paper of record. Although they were correct about John Edwards, the NE doesn’t exactly have a spotless record when it comes to investigative reporting.

My take: Don’t know if it’s true or not … but it’s definitely funny as hell.


Say it ain’t so, Ricky Vaughn; Charlie Sheen admitted he was on steroids for six to eight weeks while making “Major League.”

My take: I’d say I was surprised … but I’m not. Still a heck of a movie — and one of those that, if it’s on any channel, I get sucked in and can’t turn the channel.

The iPod shuffle

Still In Love — Boston

These Are Days — 10,000 Maniacs

Leather — Tori Amos

Raising Hell — Run-D.M.C.

Crazy For You — Madonna

Night News Report; June 16, 2011

Well … this is the latest I’ve ever posted a MNR/ANR, so I guess we’ll call it an NNR. Sweet.


Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-NY, resigned his seat Thursday afternoon after a sexting controversy has essentially ruined his political career.

My take: Lots and lots of fun headline possibilities here, but I’ll go with mine. Anyhoo — the dude is an idiot; in 2011, how the heck does he think he can sext, tweet and message scores of women and it wouldn’t get out?

Sort of like being a professional golfer who screws scores of women behind his wife’s back and thinking he can get away with it. How did that work out for you, Tiger?

And props to a Howard Stern Show staffer for wrecking the presser. Here’s the link to the story, although it’s probably PG-13 … so if you’re under 13, get your mama’s permission before you read it.


The John Edwards saga has taken another weird turn as a report has emerged that the former U.S. Senator/presidential candidate and current baby daddy/fornicator/douchebag asked for millions of dollars from a 101-year-old heiress to help him cover up his affair with his baby mama.

My take: And just when you thought this story couldn’t get any crazier … a 101-year-old named “Bunny” comes forth. Eek.

By the by, here’s Ol’ Johnny Boy’s mugshot, where he might’ve been thinking about how he screwed over his dying wife, or how he was going to pleasure a 101-year-old who had dumped millions of dollars into his campaigns and coffers:

No, that’s not a publicity shot — that’s his freaking MUGSHOT taken last week. There’s much more I wish I could say here … but I’d probably lose my job if I did. So, go to town, bloggees.


The Boston Bruins downed the Vancouver Canucks, 4-0, yesterday to claim their first Stanley Cup since 1972, four games to three.

After the game, riots broke out all over Vancouver, resulting in millions of dollars of theft by looters and hundreds of arrests.

My take: This seriously happened in Canada — the home of Pamela Anderson, Keanu Reeves, Celine Dion and Jim Carrey? What is this world coming to?


Life’s pretty good in Virginia, with God’s University headed to the College World Series, where the Cavaliers will take on California in their opener at 2 p.m. Sunday.

But it looks like long-suffering Cavahoo basketball fans – like yours truly — might have something to cheer for when hoops season rolls around. In ESPN’s main story on its college basketball front, Andy Katz opines that the Wahoos might be ready to make a run at the ACC’s upper echelon.

My take: And yes, it makes me giddy. Can’t wait for November.

Listen, I have no allusions that UVa will beat Carolina or even Duke this year. But a top-four or five finish in the ACC for God’s University would be AWESOME.

The iPod shuffle (and send me yours — I’d love to post it here on the ol’ blog)

Life Goes On — Poison

Every Breath You Take — The Police

On The Road Again — Willie Nelson

Put On — Young Jeezy & Kanye West

A View To A Kill — Duran Duran

Morning News Report; May 19, 2011


Yep, Doomsday is just two days away as the end of the world begins Saturday at 9 p.m. local time, according to some guy who missed his original prediction in 1994.

My take: Yep … I have a pretty strong feeling this kook is going to be disappointed again.


Maggie Hurt, a former Wake Forest band member, accused former Demon Deacon basketball players Jeff Teague and Gary Clark of forcing her into oral sex on NBC’s “Today Show” this morning. She alleges it happened in Miami two years ago after Wake was eliminated from the NCAA Tournament and that WFU swept the allegations under the rug.

Miami police and Wake officials investigated and cleared the players.

My take: It appears to me there’s really nothing here — so why did NBC feel like it needed to bring this out into the open? The two players are threatening to sue for slander – and I have no problem with that whatsoever.


The baseball teams from South Lenoir and North Lenoir took care of business Tuesday night to advance to the third round of the 2A and 3A playoffs, respectively.

My take: I was wondering if North Lenoir could get past Northern Nash — and the Hawks came through with flying colors (see what I did there?). Swansboro was a bit of a nemesis to South Lenoir this year, but the Devils also stepped up when it counted.

Now, the Hawks travel to Rocky Mount, which will be a whale of a game Friday. Although I’ve only seen NL once this year, you can’t help but feel maybe this is another of those Montague runs that are going to take the Hawks a couple more rounds.

South Lenoir is also on the road to a true playoff rival, Whiteville, a team that eliminated the Blue Devils in 2007 and 2008 in the fourth round of the state playoffs – by identical 4-3 scores. Last year, though, South Lenoir redeemed itself with a second-round victory at home over the Wolfpack. Should be a hell of a game in Whiteville Friday.

In softball, Ayden-Grifton was the only local team to advance to the second round; but I’d be remiss if I didn’t throw some props to former South Lenoir softball pitcher Taylor Hussey and the James Kenan Tigers for their incredible upset of previously undefeated East Columbus in Tuesday’s first round. Hussey and the Tigers entered the game as a wild-card at 9-12 while EC was 18-0. No matter — Hussey struck out seven, only gave up three hits and led the Tigers to a second-round matchup at Hobbton. Good luck, Taylor!

The iPod shuffle

Me, Myself And I — De La Soul

Compton’s N The House (Remix) – N.W.A.

(I) Get Lost — Eric Clapton

Lucille — Kenny Rogers

Sweet Hitch-Hiker — Creedence Clearwater Revival

P.S.: Check out Jon Dawson’s crazy take on the (former?) mess in Maysville with his usual J-Dizzleness added to it.

Morning News Report; March 8, 2011

Sorry about missing yesterday — this week I’m covering for our night editor and I’m keeping Molly Ringwald Hughes Hanks The Puppy Dawg (the dog the HB and I adopted from the SPCA) and ran out of time yesterday. Anyhoo, your MNR with some old stuff:


The road came to an end for the Kinston boys’ basketball team Saturday in Fayetteville as the Vikings fell to Pittsboro Northwood, 56-42, in the NCHSAA 2A Eastern Regional final.

My take: There’s no way around it — this was a heck of a season for a Kinston team that lost a McDonald’s All-American, nine seniors and about 95 percent of its scoring and rebounding from a season ago.

In fact, I think this was coach Wells Gulledge’s best coaching job in his 10 years in Kinston. He took a group of players with no expectations, won another title in one of N.C.’s toughest 2A leagues and made it to the program’s fifth consecutive regional championship.

The team loses its big guy in the middle, “Iron” Mike Tyson, along with a pair of jump-shooters in Tre Jones and Jeremiah Lanier, but little else. If this team stays together — along with an infusion of talent from Rochelle next year — there’s no reason Donte Reynolds and Josh Dawson aren’t leading the Vikings to a 2A title next year.

Anyhoo — prep basketball (my favorite season) is now over … but now, the baseball battles are underway, as evidenced by Friday’s North Lenoir-South Lenoir and last night’s South Lenoir-Kinston games. By the by, I LOVE the camouflage KHS jerseys.


Duke’s Nolan Smith was the only unanimous selection to the All-ACC team in voting by the ACSMA that was released yesterday. UNC’s Harrison Barnes was the only unanimous pick on the all-freshman team, while Carolina’s John Henson led the all-defensive team.

My take: I, like some of you Carolina yahoos, was a bit surprised that there wasn’t a Tar Heel on the first-team; I thought Henson had played himself onto the team in the final four weeks or so of the season. Other than that, though, I didn’t have much argument with the teams.

I was a bit miffed that none of my Cavahoos — who came on strong in the final two weeks with a 3-1 record (including winning at Maryland on Saturday) — didn’t make ANY of the postseason teams, but realistically, there wasn’t one of them who really stood out enough to make it.

Should be a great ACC tourney this week, though — and I’ll pop my predictions up here Thursday morning before the Hoos and Miami tip off the tournament at noon that day.


CBS has finally had enough of Charlie Sheen’s shenanigans, firing the warlock from “Two and a Half Men” yesterday.

My take: Frankly, I was surprised it took THIS long for them to do this.

So … how much longer do we have to put up with this circus before he begins to fade into the background again?


As you can tell in this photo, Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs is having a really bad time following his divorce from actress Eva Longoria:

However, I just found out that the above photo is a fake — here is our very own Richard Clark (the desk chief for Freedom ENC) with his honeys:


The iPod shuffle

The First Time — U2

Bullet The Blue Sky — U2

Breathe — U2

Dreams — Van Halen

Open Arms — Journey

Morning News Report; Dec. 10, 2010


More than 100 people who need a life — or some serious counseling — spent all day and night Wednesday until 9:30 a.m. on Thursday sleeping in tents in the new Chick-Fil-A parking lot on U.S. 70 West.

Their prize? A free Chick-Fil-A combo meal a week for a year, worth approximately $280.

My take: Listen, I love Chick-Fil-A as much as the next guy, I really do. Through the years, I’ve eaten more than my share of those delicious sammiches (a Jon Dawson word). There’s no better chicken sandwich than the one CFA makes.

But would I spend an entire day and a night where the wind chill was in single digits for a free combo a week for a year? Uh, no. But good for those who did. I’m sure their families are proud!


Miley Cyrus has been caught on video taking a hit from a bong only five days after her 18th birthday.

My take: And the inevitable transformation from pop/TV princess to Britney Spears lookalike is underway. Aren’t there people who can surround these kids as they’re growing up to help them avoid this kind of bad publicity.

BUT she is just a kid … and who hasn’t done stupid stuff in their lifetime? It’s just amplified when you’re held up as a role model to kids.

So, moms and dads out there … looks like it’s time to start taking those Hannah Montana posters off your daughter’s walls…


In news that has the HB questioning God, Duke freshman point guard Kyrie Irving has a toe injury that might keep him out the rest of the season.

My take: Could this keep the Dookies from repeating? It very well might — the main problem Carolina has is there is not a legitimate point guard running the Tar Heels.

But I think the Blue Devils will be all right, even if he’s out all season. This means they lose three or four games they might not have lost before, but when the rubber hits the road, I think Duke repeats.

The iPod shuffle

Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) — Green Day

Creep — Stone Temple Pilots

My Little Demon — Fleetwood Mac

Broken Wings — Mister Mister

Breakdown — Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

P.S.: Thanks to our good friend, Keith Spence, for this nugget: at the North Lenoir-South Lenoir on Jimmy Smith Court on Wednesday, the 50/50 was held to benefit North Lenoir’s Corbin Hawkins. The 50/50 winner was Ryan Gardner, a science teacher from SL. In a totally selfless act, Ryan donated the $172 he won back to Corbin’s family. And THIS is why I love Lenoir County — you guys always help each other out.

P.P.S.S.: Dawson has started a Facebook page where you can “like” his award-winning columns. If you’re a FB member — and who isn’t these days? — please go here to friend this page.

P.P.P.S.S.S.: Hope to see you at the Kinston Christmas Parade tomorrow. I will be driving Dawson and Paulette Burroughs in a fine convertible provided by Grant Jones, Mickey Howard