MNR follow-ups…

Stuff I couldn’t fit in today’s MNR:

  • Got an e-mail back from Zack Liles and he said he’s an infantryman stationed with the 1st Ranger Battalion in Savannah, Ga. I can send you his e-mail address if you’d like to write to one of the true heroes from this area.
  • Happy birthday to arguably this blog’s most faithful follower: Heelatious (B.J. Davis). Although he’s a Carolina fan and has a crazy brother, he’s still a pretty good guy and one of my favorite people in Lenoir County. Happy birthday, dude!
  • And another happy birthday to one of our long-timers — Jeff Howard! Ol’ Jeffrey recently became a grandfather, but he doesn’t look a day over 30. Good genes, I guess, and the great way he takes care of himself. Happy birthday, dude!
  • Our good friend Randy Capps posted this last week and I forgot to put it on here – but it is an awesome anecdote about his wonderful son. Last year, the HB and I were part of Ethan’s Angels and we’re also a part of the team again this year; I’m going to set up a donation page next week and I’m likely going to give away two tickets to the sold-out N.C. State-ECU football game as a prize for donating. When I get the details ironed out, I’ll post ‘em next week.

Ethan’s Angels is Saturday in Raleigh — with correction


As some of you old-timers know, one of my best friends in the biz (and one of the most talented writers) — Randy Capps — has an autistic son, Ethan. Randy and his lovely bride Shanna have done a fantastic job with Ethan and are doing everything in their power to eradicate autism.

Here’s your chance to help: you can donate to the 2009 Triangle Run/Walk for Autism, an event that the Hot Blonde and myself are participating in on Saturday. You can either donate to the cause by going here; or you can go to Randy’s page by going here.

It’s not a competition between us (and we’re not winning anything, either!) – if you want to go to Randy’s page over mine, that is AWESOME; we need to raise as much money as we can to help Ethan and his band o’ brothers and sisters who are fighting autism.

The first person to donate $50 at my link will receive two tickets to the Rice-ECU game at Dowdy-Finklen on Saturday, Oct. 17. These tickets have a face value of $40 each, so you’re actually saving $30 — and you’ll be helping children with autism at the same time!

Randy has an awesome post on his blog about this Saturday’s event; even if you don’t donate, please take 3 minutes and check out his thoughts.

And if you need any more information on donating, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at or Randy at Even if it’s $5 or $10, any donation is welcome!

Need extra incentive? Here’s a cute picture of Ethan:


Ethan’s Angels

You’ve seen me continuously pimp our good friend Randy Capps’ outstanding Web site; now, he needs our help.

As you may know, his incredible son, Ethan, is autistic. Randy wrote a moving column about Ethan a few years ago that will familiarize you with the young man.

Randy and his amazing wife Shanna are trying to help raise money and awareness for autism — and this is where you come in. Myself and the Hot Blonde are going to walk in the event as part of Ethan’s Angels and I’d love for you to contribute to the cause.

Please visit here to contribute — or to even walk in the Raleigh event, if you can. A contribution of even $5 can help to eradicate autism.

Everyone who donates at least $25 gets a sweet T-shirt from the Autism council; The Free Press will also give away a set of four Kinston Indians tickets to the game of your choice (first come, first served) to anyone else who donates $25 or more to this awesome cause.

If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at


Randy and Shanna’s amazing son, Ethan.