Ol’ Roy has fan thrown out during Saturday’s UNC game

Near the end of Saturday’s beatdown of Presbyterian, UNC coach Roy Williams had a fan thrown out of the game for trying to get Deon Thompson to miss a free throw. You can watch the WRAL video of the incident, along with Ol’ Roy’s explanation for his decision by clicking here:

The fan who was ejected defended himself and reiterates that he wasn’t drunk.

My take: Again, this is probably going to surprise most of you who know my anti-Carolina railings, but here goes: Roy was in the right.


Yep. This isn’t the NBA, the NFL or NHL. The majority of the kids on the court are 18 to 20 years old and are playing in front of thousands of people — they don’t need to hear some of the vile BS that goes on at collegiate games.

Although I find their chants humorous at times, there are also times I’ve been very disturbed at what the Cameron Crazies do. I have been courtside many times when they’ve crossed the line — and even Coach K has stopped them at times, too.

Roy was right: the Dean Dome is his HOME COURT. Why should he have to put up with someone yelling at his own players at his own home? If you want to yell at Deon or any other Tar Holes Heels when you’re at Cameron, that’s fine. But Roy has the right to defend his home turf.

My gut says the guy — who admitted to having a few beers before the game but claimed he wasn’t drunk — said something more vile than what is being reported and THAT’S what got Roy’s attention. Roy’s been around enough to know when something’s over the line; he’s no rookie coach and he’s never struck me as someone with rabbit ears.

So there you go: I’m now defending UNC. What’s next — my argument about how Michael Irvin was one of the best receivers in NFL history? My dissertation on Alex Rodriguez’ impact on popular culture?

Or worse — how Brett Favre is the grittiest, most down-to-earth quarterback the NFL has ever seen?

Uh, no.