UWDoB 2009 redux: Final pictures

I thought these pictures — from United Way Executive Director June Cummings — were too good not to share here on the blog. Check ‘em out from the United Way Day of Basketball that was held Jan. 25 at Kinston HS:


The student section champions: the Kinston Khaos. I know I have a similar picture up here, but I liked June’s better.


The Munn Maniacs get ready to take the court for the student section championship game.


The Hawk Krazees have their smiles going, although they lost to the Khaos in the semifinals. And yes, that’s FOB (Friend of the Blog) Sue Novicki leaning against the wall in the pink jacket!


Here I am standing beside Kinston’s junior superstar, Reggie Bullock. And yes, I’m sporting the Psycho T jersey and hat that my good “friends” Heelatious and Heelsfan forced me to wear because of the bet I lost. I’m a little wider than Hansbrough, though…


Kinston’s Josh Benoit, who won the 3-point shootout in spectacular fashion, hitting 9 of 10 3-pointers in a 45-second span.


Kinston’s Joshea Singleton, who won the dunk contest. And here’s something that needs to be said about Singleton, too: he’s not only a great athlete — he’s a very good student, too. He’s an honor roll student who is one of the most well-spoken kids around.

Thanks again to all of you who supported the game — I can’t wait for the eighth edition in January 2010!


For the seventh straight year, I’m almost speechless following a successful United Way Day of Basketball.

Thanks to you, we raised more than $3,500 for the Lenoir-Greene United Way and its 19 member agencies.

Here are the winners from today:

  • Somehow, the coaches defeated the God-fearing media, 88-66. However, we were down 55-19 at halftime, but rallied to get it within 18 in the second half. The coaches were led for the third straight year in scoring by Kinston High School’s J.T. Tribula’s 17 points. Vance Wade (South Lenoir) had 12 points, Hubert Quinerly (KHS) had 10, while Damico Heath (KHS) and Kenny Sutton (Bethel Christian Academy) scored 9 each. Antwan “The Eighth Wonder” Scott and Donald Ingram had 20 each for the media, while Jeremy Ingram added 14.
  • Kinston’s Joshea Singleton won the slam dunk title over his Vikings teammate, Victor Holloway.
  • Kinston’s Josh Benoit put on a show in the finals of the 3-point competition, hitting 9-of-10 3-pointers to win the title over North Lenoir’s Chris McPhail. South Lenoir’s Massey Britt had an impressive first round of the competition, hitting 7 bombs.
  • As I predicted in the paper today (I also predicted the dunk winner for the third time in four years!), the Kinston Khaos defeated the Hawk Krazees, 30-27 in the semifinals, then went on to beat the Munn Maniacs, 32-24, in the finals to win the student section championship. Landon DeBruhl hit a 3-pointer with 3 seconds left against the Krazees that helped them go to the title game. Here’s a team picture:


  • Yes, I wore some stinking Tar Hole gear that was graciously (sic) provided by Heelatious (B.J. Davis) and his brother, Heelsfan (Jonathan Davis). Here’s some pictorial proof of the historic event — the first time I’ve worn anything with UNC on it (and the last!):


That’s me in the middle looking ridiculous, surrounded by, from left, Diamondheels (Chris Kelly), Heelsfan and Heelatious.

Again — thank you to everyone who took part in this event. You guys TRULY ROCK!

Past UWDoB dunk/3-point champs


3-point shootout: Reggie Bullock, Kinston (runner-up: Tyler Potter, North Lenoir)

Dunk contest: Akeem “A.K.” Sutton, Kinston (runner-up: Rashee Hawkins, North Lenoir)


3-point shootout: Reggie Bullock, Kinston (runner-up: Curtis Hines, Kinston)

Dunk contest: Sherrod Croom, Kinston (runner-up: Marcus Hemby, Kinston) 


3-point shootout: Tyler Potter, Bethel Christian Academy (runner-up: Curtis Hines, Kinston)

Dunk contest: Charles Gamble, Greene Central (runner-up: Quinton Coples, Kinston)


3-point shootout: Omar Jones, North Lenoir (runner-up: Darryl Jones, Kinston)

Dunk contest: no contest held


3-point shootout: Steven Walker, Arendell Parrott Academy (runner-up: Michael Small, Kinston)

Dunk contest: Montel Jones, Kinston (runner-up: Ben Sutton, Kinston)


3-point shootout: no contest held

Dunk contest: Jeremy Ingram, Kinston (runner-up: Kevin Lee, North Lenoir)

UWDoB 2009 rosters


Media Team, coached by Bryan Hanks

Free Press: Bryan Hanks, Ryan Herman, Jonathan Massey, Richard Clark, Michael Moon, Jeremy Ingram, Joe Hargitt

WCTI ABC-12: Brian North, Derek Bayne, Antwan Scott

WITN NBC-7: Billy Weaver, Brian Meador

TACC-9: Donald Ingram and Chris Hemeyer

Coaches Team, coached by Jimmy Smith

Kinston HS: Wells Gulledge, Perry Tyndall, Damico Heath, Hubert Quinerly, Dee Matthews, Jonathan “J.T.” Tribula, Tom Vermillion

North Lenoir: John Eric Waters

South Lenoir: Vance Wade

Bethel Christian Academy: Michael Fulcher, Kenny Sutton

Lenoir CC: Lind Hartsell, Stony Wine, C.C. Tilghman


Juel Bizzell, North Lenoir

Vernte Bryant, South Lenoir

Tevin Hamilton, South Lenoir

Trey Harris, North Lenoir

Mister Height, Kinston

Victor Holloway, Kinston

Darico Jones, North Lenoir

Joshea Singleton, Kinston


Josh Benoit, Kinston

Juel Bizzell, North Lenoir

Isaac Brown, Bethel Christian Academy

Marquez Jones, Kinston

Darnell Matthews, Kinston

Massey Britt, South Lenoir

Chris McPhail, North Lenoir

Tyler Potter, North Lenoir

Jacob Sutton, Bethel Christian Academy

Edward Sykes, South Lenoir


Munn Maniacs, coached by Jeremy Barnett

Co-captain: Dustin Burkett

Co-captain: Dusty Futrell

Lorri Cole 

Jaryd “Ragin’ Cajun” Grace 

Morgan Graves

Ryan “Hall-Time” Hall

Josh Lewis

Scott Novicki 

Tara Reddick

Leigh Smith

Kara “K-Tuck” Tucker

Joel “Tyn-Man” Tyndall

Mike Warren

Hawk Krazees, coached by Donnell Garris

Trey Gray

Tyler Hamm

Benji Harris

Adam Harrison

Morgan Heath

Anna Hill

Kyle Houston

Lynn Jones

Conner Jordan

Tyler Potter

Michael Wetherington

Chris Yourdon

Kinston Khaos, coached by Battle “Hurricane” Holley, Perry “Undefeated” Tyndall and Jason “3-time Blog Pick ‘em Champion” Wade

Mackenzie Brown

Landon “Squeak” DeBruhl

Anthony “Pookie, I Have A Ring” Clark

Dorian “OH YEA” Edwards

Cody “Christy” Heath

Blake “The Snake” Herring

Javina Jennings

Cole “Oreo Cream” Kratzer

Josh “Pitch, Hit and Run All-Star” Lovick

Evan “The Valedictorian” Price

Maci Raney

Justin “Jam Master J” Stokes

Alyssa Tilghman

Chip “C-Stack” Towery

Kendrea Williams

Note: All rosters subject to change

Morning News Report; Jan. 23, 2009


Well, at least we know where conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh stands: he doesn’t want President Barack Obama to succeed.

My take: Before my right-wing friends jump on this — yes, the link above came from BET.com, but it was actually as close to an unbiased report as I could find and I read about 20 different stories.

I understand where Rush is coming from; he doesn’t want the U.S. to slide towards a socialist state and that’s where he thinks Obama is leading the nation.

But that’s the beauty of our country — checks and balances. No matter how far left Obama wants us to go, there is enough of a centralist (and yes, conservative) voice in our government to keep that from that happening.

Which leads us back to the question: do I want Obama to succeed? Hell yes, I do. This country is wallowing in the worst financial crisis it’s faced since the Great Depression and I hope we work ourselves out of it. I’m not pledging my support to Obama, though (like we saw in a video I put up here Wednesday); I’m pledging my support to America in the hopes we turn this mess around.


Well, sort of. The performance by Itzhak Perlman, Gabriela Montero, Yo-Yo Ma and Anthony McGill at Obama’s inauguration was pre-recorded. Because of the fear of broken piano strings, etc., the all-star musical quartet used a recording made two days earlier.

My take: My immediate response is disappointment. I guess I understand why they did it, but it irks me that it wasn’t announced.

Why? I don’t know. It just seems fake. Why even act like you’re playing it? Just stand, smile, wave and let the music play over the speakers.

The article doesn’t say anything about Aretha Franklin’s song, but I feel like hers was probably legit.

What do you think? Am I overreacting here? 


Mark McGwire’s little brother is shopping a book to publishers detailing how the retired slugger was a steroids and human growth hormone user — and that the brother injected McGwire.

My take: Wow. Whether McGwire did it or not, I really don’t care at this point.

But for his own brother to throw him under the bus AND try to make money off it? Wow. What a d-bag. I hope no one publishes the book.

The iPod shuffle

Amazing — Aerosmith

All Because Of You — U2

A Little Respect — Erasure

Come On Eileen — Dexy’s Midnight Runner

Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) — Marvin Gaye

P.S. Just a reminder: I will be wearing that ugly Carolina garb all day at Sunday’s United Way Day of Basketball ONLY if someone brings it. I am not spending my hard-earned money to support UNC.

And before someone gets cutesy and thinks I’ll wear some Adult Large shirt all day, remember I said when we made the bet the shirt has to be an XXL. I’ll compromise on the hat; it doesn’t have to be fitted. But I’m not wearing a Tar Hole shirt that makes me look fatter than I already am!

Who’s stepping up and providing the stuff?

UWDoB 2009 update: Kinston Khaos

Here is the roster for the Kinston Khaos for Sunday’s United Way Day of Basketball at Kinston High School:


Battle “Hurricane” Holley

Perry “Undefeated” Tyndall

Jason “3-Time Blog Pick ‘em Champion” Wade


Mackenzie Brown

Landon “Bipolar” Debruhl

Dorian “OH YEA” Edwards

Cody “Christy” Heath

Blake “The Snake” Herring

Javina Jennings

Cole “Oreo Cream” Kratzer

Josh “Pitch, Hit and Run All-Star” Lovick

Evan “The Valedictorian” Price

Maci Raney

Justin “Jam Master J” Stokes

Alyssa Tilghman

Chip “C-Stack” Towery

Tyler “Baby-B” Weeks”

Kendrea Williams

My take: Another solid team in the UWDoB, especially with Josh Lovick, Blake Herring and Dorian Edwards.

For South Lenoir’s defending champion Munn Maniacs roster, click here; for North Lenoir’s Hawk Krazees, click here.

UWDoB update: Duke tickets (with bid update)

Just talked to South Lenoir basketball coach Thurman Pate, who is donating a pair of Duke basketball tickets to Sunday’s United Way Day of Basketball event.

He’s decided to donate a very valuable set — the Senior Night game with Florida State on March 3. That game begins at 8 p.m. and will be televised on WCTI ABC-12 via Raycom Sports.

We’re going to hold a silent auction for the tickets.

And here’s a blog exclusive, just because you’re special: I’m starting the silent auction right here on the blog. E-mail me your bid at bhanks@freedomenc.com or call me at (252) 559-1074 and I’ll keep it updated on this thread.

I’m starting the bidding at $80 for the tickets. It’s your turn now.

By the way, if you’ve never been to Cameron Indoor Stadium, that is a must for any sports fan (well, except for you Tar Hole rejects). I’m not particularly a Dook fan, but I’ve been to Cameron as a reporter about 30 times and have actually sat in the seats you’re bidding for several times – and they’re AWESOME.

Get your bid in; the bidding will continue at the UWDoB and we’ll award the tickets to the highest bidder at halftime of the Hawk Krazees/Kinston Khaos vs. Munn Maniacs championship game.

BID UPDATE: We’ve already had four bids, but the top one right now is $210 from Dana Letchworth! Thanks, and keep them rolling in.

UWDoB 2009 update: Hawk Krazees

Here is the roster for the Hawk Krazees for Sunday’s United Way Day of Basketball at Kinston High School:

Coach: Donnell Garris

Trey Gray

Tyler Hamm

Benji Harris

Adam Harrison

Morgan Heath

Anna Hill

Kyle Houston

Lynn Jones

Conner Jordan

Tyler Potter

Michael Wetherington

Chris Yourdon

My take: That’s a heck of a roster, especially Tyler Potter (who’ll also be in the 3-point shootout) and Michael Wetherington. I will be getting the Kinston Khaos roster later today; for the Munn Maniacs roster, click here.

UWDoB update

Here’s the schedule for Sunday’s United Way Day of Basketball:

2 p.m.: Media vs. Coaches game

2:50 p.m.: Slam-dunk competition

3:20 p.m.: Hawk Krazees vs. Kinston Khaos

4 p.m.: 3-point shootout

4:40 p.m.: Hawk Krazees/Kinston Khaos winners vs. Munn Maniacs

Also, I’d like to thank Joe Hargett, the owner of King’s Barbecue, for a generous donation of a pig-picking for 50 people. The certificate is valued at $450!

Joe’s donation joins those from Jeff Minges and Tommy Pharo of Minges Bottling for 30 cases of Pepsi products and Thurman Pate’s contribution of two tickets to a Duke basketball game.

Two lovely women and a guy who looks like Shrek


OK, I hope the Hot Blonde doesn’t get upset, but here’s a pic of me and two beautiful women on a cold morning: from left, Lenoir-Greene United Way Director June Cummings, Heather King and me at WITN NBC-7′s Greenville studios this morning. We were there to promote Sunday’s United Way Day of Basketball with Heather, the morning show host on WITN.

And yes, guys — Heather is as beautiful in person as she is on TV. A lot smaller, though; she can’t be more than 5 foot tall and I bet she doesn’t weigh 100 pounds.

She’s also a sweetheart; we judged a cooking contest at Lenoir Community College a few months ago and she’s as sweet as she is pretty.

Certainly ECOTD-worthy…