United Way Day of Basketball 2008 Wrap-Up

First off — THANK YOU to everyone who took part in today’s sixth annual United Way Day of Basketball. We raised $4,000 — the most-ever in the event’s history and that was due to you!

Secondly, it was good that the Media finally took a game as we defeated the Coaches, 52-51. Dusty Davis hit a free throw with no time remaining to give the Media the victory. Thanks to all the media that took part, in particular — Brian North and Derek Bayne from WCTI ABC-12, Chris Hemeyer and Donald Ingram from TACC-9, along with Chris Miller and Greg Bond from the Jacksonville Daily News and all my compatriots from The Free Press.

Special thanks to today’s special free-lancers: Jeremy Ingram and Antwan Scott. Heh heh.

As I predicted in the paper today, Kinston’s Akeem “A.K.” Sutton won the slam-dunk competition, while North Lenoir’s Rashee Hawkins was the runner-up. In the 3-point contest, it also went as I predicted as Kinston’s Reggie Bullock defended his title against 2006 champion Tyler Potter of North Lenoir.

The Munn Maniacs have to get their props, too, as they won back the title against the Hawk Krazees, 31-27. The Maniacs won the first matchup two years ago and now hold a 2-1 lead in the series.

Again — thank you to everyone who made today possible, from Wynn Whittington and Wells Gulledge at Kinston High School to Ron Owens (the PA dude), Keith Sherrod (the scoreboard operator) and all the United Way folks who ran the concession stand and were at the doors.

TACC-9 will broadcast the day’s events at 8 p.m. on Monday, at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and on ENC TV at 1 a.m. on Sunday. THANK YOU to Clark Tutt for broadcasting the game!

I want to thank Tommy Pharo and the good folks at Minges Bottling for donating more than 50 cases of drinks for the sixth straight year. Pharo has been a part of the event every year and I don’t know how we would do it without him.

This was the most successful United Way Day of Basketball yet — thank you!

Past UWDoB shooters/dunk contest winners; complete rosters


3-point shootout: Reggie Bullock, Kinston (runner-up: Curtis Hines, Kinston)

Dunk contest: Sherrod Croom, Kinston (runner-up: Marcus Hemby, Kinston) 


3-point shootout: Tyler Potter, Bethel Christian Academy (runner-up: Curtis Hines, Kinston)

Dunk contest: Charles Gamble, Greene Central (runner-up: Quinton Coples, Kinston)


3-point shootout: Omar Jones, North Lenoir (runner-up: Darryl Jones, Kinston)

Dunk contest: no contest held


3-point shootout: Steven Walker, Arendell Parrott Academy (runner-up: Michael Small, Kinston)

Dunk contest: Montel Jones, Kinston (runner-up: Ben Sutton, Kinston)


3-point shootout: no contest held

Dunk contest: Jeremy Ingram, Kinston (runner-up: Kevin Lee, North Lenoir)

Complete rosters to this moment (subject to change)

Media vs. Coaches Game
Media team: Jeremy Ingram, Bryan Hanks, Richard Clark, Charlie Kraebel, Justin Hill, Dusty Davis and Keith Spence (The Free Press); Antwan Scott, Brian North and Derek Bayne (WCTI ABC-12); Donald Ingram and Chris Hemeyer (TACC-9); Chris Miller and Greg Bond (Jacksonville Daily News)

Coach’s team: Wells Gulledge, Larry Powell, Perry Tyndall and David Lawson (Kinston High School); Hubert Quinerly (Rochelle Middle School); John Eric Waters and Reggie Clark (North Lenoir); Jimmy Smith and Vance Wade (South Lenoir); Michael Fulcher (Bethel Christian Academy)

3-point contest: Reggie Bullock (Kinston), Zach Burrus (Mt. Calvary), Matt Dougherty (Ayden-Grifton), Akeem Faison (South Lenoir), Shane Flynn (Bethel), T.J. Goff (Bethel), Mister Height (Kinston), Karissa Herring (South Lenoir), Bo Ingram (Kinston), Matt Jones (Mt. Calvary), Courtney Killinger (Arendell Parrott Academy), Stefan McGhee (Ayden-Grifton), Chris McPhail (North Lenoir), Quan Outlaw (South Lenoir), Tyler Potter (North Lenoir), Ray Webb (Greene Central), Tyler Whaley (Parrott)

Dunk contest: Reggie Bullock (Kinston), Covair Frost (Jones Senior), Alex Graham (South Lenoir), Rashee Hawkins (North Lenoir), Bo Ingram (Kinston), Tim Roberts (North Lenoir), Joshea Singleton (Kinston), Akeem Sutton (Kinston)

Hawk Krazees vs. Munn Maniacs Game
Hawk Krazees: Dustin Downie, Will Norville, Garret Phillips, Steven Warren, Ethan Baird, Josh Moore, Kyle Houston, Courtney Hobbs, Jennifer Pelletier, Kelly Johnson, Kayla Potter and Sara Farmer (coached by NL Principal Ian Solomon)

Munn Maniacs: Troy Smith, Caleb Ard, Dorsey Leach, Scott Novicki, Zach Sutton, Lee Taylor, Keyshawn Strickland, Monte Williams, Garrett Jones, Mary Katheryn Howard, Courtney Lee, Katie Moody, Savannah Daughty, Teresa Heath, Kayla Cole, Louise Davis and Shaneika Thompson (coached by SL Assistant Principal Mike King)



UWDoB update: 3-point and dunk contestants

Don’t forget — the United Way Day of Basketball is at 2 p.m. on Sunday at Kinston High School. Tickets are $5 and every penny raised goes to the 18 member agencies of the United Way.

The 3-point contest has 16 players from eight schools and has the past two champions in the field — Reggie Bullock (2007) and Tyler Potter (2006). The first girl to participate in the game in two years (South Lenoir’s Karissa Herring) and only the second ever will also compete in it.

Here are the 16 players in the 3-point contest (in alphabetical order):

Reggie Bullock, Kinston

Zach Burrus, Mt. Calvary

Matt Dougherty, Ayden-Grifton

T.J. Goff, Bethel Academy

Shane Harris, Bethel Academy

Mister Height, Kinston

Karissa Herring, South Lenoir

Bo Ingram, Kinston

Matt Jones, Mt. Calvary

Courtney Killinger, Parrott Academy

Stefan McGhee, Ayden-Grifton

Chris McPhail, North Lenoir

Quan Outlaw, South Lenoir

Tyler Potter, North Lenoir

Ray Webb, Greene Central

Tyler Whaley, Parrott Academy

The dunk contest features eight athletes from four schools. They are (also in alphabetical order):

Reggie Bullock, Kinston 

Covair Frost, Jones Senior 

Alex Graham, South Lenoir

Rashee Hawkins, North Lenoir

Bo Ingram, Kinston

Tim Roberts, North Lenoir

Joshea Singleton, Kinston

Akeem Sutton, Kinston

UWDoB update — Munn Maniacs

Here is the roster for the Munn Maniacs in Sunday’s United Way Day of Basketball:

Troy Smith

Caleb Ard

Dorsey Leach

Scott Novicki

Zach Sutton

Lee Taylor

Keyshawn Strickland

Monte Williams

Garrett Jones

Mary Katheryn Howard

Courtney Lee

Katie Moody

Savannah Daughty

Teresa Heath

Kayla Cole

Louise Davis

Shaneika Thompson

JI and the Eighth Wonder are playing in the UWDoB!

Here’s the great news about the sixth annual United Way Day of Basketball — local legend Jeremy Ingram, along with and 1′s Eighth Wonder (Antwan Scott) will be playing for the Media Team on Sunday!

Also, recent Carolina signee Reggie Bullock will be defending his 3-point title from last year, while Bo Ingram will be going against him in the 3-point contest. Additionally, Akeem “A.K.” Sutton will be in the dunk contest.

It should be a great time! More details as they come out.

Don’t forget — Sunday at 2 p.m. at KHS. All money is donated to the United Way of Lenoir/Greene County.

UWDoB 2008 update

Just got off the phone with Brian North, who has played in all five previous United Way Days of Basketball and he had some terrific news: we have a new player for the Media team this year. I can’t release his name yet, but you’re going to be REALLY surprised at how WONDERful he is.

The Coaches better bring their “A” game this year!

United Way Day of Basketball 2008

Yep, it’s back! The sixth annual United Way Day of Basketball is going to be held at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 27 at Kinston High School.

The main event will again be the Media vs. Coaches game, which will feature a team of us media-types taking on a team of coaches. There will also be a slam dunk contest and a 3-point contest.

For the third straight year, there will be a Hawk Krazees vs. Munn Maniacs game. The series is tied at 1-1, with the Krazees winning last year’s game.

I will keep you guys up to date with all the developments leading up to the game, including rosters for both games and the contests.