Afternoon News Report; March 22, 2012


Just got back from Tonya Sessoms Adam’s Beauty Box, where I got a haircut and the HB got a pedicure. Today, Adams’ business is donating 50 percent of all proceeds (she’s personally donating ALL her personal proceeds) to the SPCA.

My take: Please check it out — you can call Tonya at 252-522-3939 to set up an appointment. And if you can’t make it today, make a call and buy a gift certificate. Additionally, if you bring dog or cat food by, you can get a free gift certificate.

The SPCA does a tremendous job helping animals in our area — a mostly thankless, tough job. Please help them if you can.


The NFL punished New Orleans head coach Sean Payton by suspending him for a year — costing Payton $7.5 million in the process. The Saints also lost draft picks, paid a fine and the principal figure behind the mess (Gregg Williams) is suspended indefinitely.

My take: Pretty harsh, but not unfair in my opinion. If the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell was trying to send a message, I’d say it’s been delivered. Now, if only MLB, the NBA and the NHL had similar strong commissioners, they might be better off, too.


Tim Tebow was traded from the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets yesterday.

My take: Very, very curious — simply because the Jets already have a franchise quarterback to whom they recently paid a lot of money. I just don’t see how this is going to work — is Tebow going to play four to 10 plays a game (which I’ve heard mentioned)? Is he going to play in a fullback-type position? Again, just a curious move by the Jets.

The iPod shuffle

Cat Scratch Fever — Ted Nugent

Big Me — Foo Fighters

Electrical Storm — U2

A Man And A Woman — U2

Hold It Now, Hit It — Beastie Boys