Morning News Report; June 21, 2011


Monday was another incredibly sad day in our town as the seventh homicide of 2011 occurred. Kinston Mayor B.J. Murphy and Kinston Department of Public Safety Chief Bill Johnson held a presser at City Hall to address the sudden wave of homicides, which have numbered four in the past three weeks.

The mayor and I were also interviewed by WNCT CBS-9′s Andrea Blanford in this well-produced piece on the matter:

My take: First, great job by the mayor to jump on this issue — he’s showing excellent leadership in a time when our town really needs it.

And I truly appreciate everyone who has called, emailed and Facebooked me with ideas following my Sunday column on this matter. I am culling those responses at the moment and am getting some excellent ideas. I will be hitting you guys — and Free Press readers — with those ideas soon.

Finally, thanks to Andrea for the interview and her concern about Kinston. This is something we — the residents, citizens, leaders, media and law enforcement — are going to have to solve.


And here’s something you don’t read about everyday: Kinston football coach Nick Anderson now has a world record to his credit — he caught the world’s biggest blue catfish over Father’s Day weekend.

My take: Kudos to Coach Anderson for that 143-pounder! And a great story by our Ryan Herman.


The federal government has unveiled nine new cigarette warning labels designed to scare the bejesus out of potential smokers.

Here’s a couple of them:

My take: It’s this simple — if someone is going to smoke, they’re going to smoke. It doesn’t matter if you put tiny bits of cancerous lungs on the package, they’re still going to get their smoke on. Nice effort, but ain’t going to help.

The solution? Make cigarettes $20 a pack. Most smokers I know who have stopped have ceased their behavior because they can’t afford to smoke.

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