Afternoon News Report; March 2, 2011


The new iPad2 — with a camera for FaceTime and other new goodies — will come out soon, according to a presser that is going on as I write this (at 1:25 p.m.).

My take: Say what you want about Steve Jobs and Apple, but they have been on the cutting edge of hand-held technology the past decade or so — which includes the iPod, the iPhone and now, the iPad. I own all three (well, my iPad is through work) and I know I can’t remember what life was like without my iPods and iPhones.

As the linked article states, the greatest compliment is to be copied — and consider all the iPod, iPhone and iPad wannabes that are out there. But none of them have had the degree of success of the items they are attempting to copy, have they?


Sports Illustrated and CBS News has worked together in a six-month investigation and ran criminal background checks on the preseason SI Top 25 college football teams.

Their study produced surprising results: of 2,837 players on those 25 teams, 7 percent had criminal records while 8.1 percent — 1 out of every 12 players — had been in some sort of trouble with the law. Pittsburgh led the study with 22 players charged.

Of the four ACC teams in the Top 25, Virginia Tech was sixth with 13 players with criminal records; Miami was 10th with eight; UNC was tied for 15th with five; and Georgia Tech was tied for 19th with four.

My take: A very interesting study with surprising results.


Brigham Young starting forward Brandon Davies, who averages 11.1 points and 6.2 rebounds per game, has been dismissed from the third-ranked Cougars for an honor code.

My take: It’s well-known BYU — a Mormon institution — has some hard-core rules for its students and athletes. I hate that this young man, a sophomore, is gone from the team, but maybe he’ll turn it into a good life lesson — and I admire BYU for living up to its high standards instead of compromising.

However, the hard-line position will come with the possibility the Cougars will not get a coveted No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament — and will probably not make it as far as they would have in the tourney with him.

The iPod shuffle

Gettin’ Up — Q-Tip

The Gank — Nelly

I’ll Be There For You — Bon Jovi

America The Beautiful — Frank Sinatra

Bad Company — Bad Company

P.S.: I’m beginning a new feature here on the ol’ blog called “A Few Minutes With …”, an e-mail Q&A with interesting folks from Lenoir County and beyond. I’ll ask a few questions and allow the interviewee to answer the questions in their own words, re-printing their responses unedited here on the blog.

If you have someone you’d like to see interviewed, let me know. I plan on kicking it off this week and have it appear a couple of times a week.