Braxton-Wiley 911 call audio, transcript

We’re posting this at at midnight — but you get to hear it here on the blog first. 

Click on this link to listen to the 911 call: braxton-911-call.mp3 

Transcript of call:

Male 911 operator: Lenoir County 911 what is the address of your emergency?


Ray Wiley: Yes ma’am, if you would please send a deputy over, I’ve got ah, Mr. Van Braxton over here; he’s already shoved me one time, and I’m ready to get him off my property and have him prosecuted. Please, get somebody over here ASAP.


911: I don’t know where over here is, sir, what’s the address?


RW: 2820 Falling Creek Road.


911: Let me have your name again, sir.


RW: My name is Ray Wiley.


911: And Mr. Wiley, what’s the phone number you’re calling from?


RW: (Wiley gives number), I think this chicken crap’s fixing to leave.


911: OK sir, because I do need to ask a few questions before I send them out there.


RW: I hope you can hear what he’s saying; he just threatened me. (To Braxton) I’m right here, if you’re going to do something bust a move, old man!


(Loud shouting heard in the background)


RW: Go ahead, right here, man, that’s it, come on and get some of it!


911: (To colleague) Get somebody out there.


RW: I’m glad you realize that so now you … (unintelligible)


911: Sir, any weapons involved, or anything?


RW: Well, he’s still threatening me.


911: OK.


RW: (To Braxton) I sure will, I sure will; I’m right here if you want to bust a move, man! (To  911) I hope y’all got all this on recording, this old gray-headed chicken crap dude is wanting me to go on the street.


(More shouting heard)


(To Braxton) If you want to bust a move, if you want it bad enough, come right on and get it.


911: Mr. Wiley, anybody got any weapons?


RW: Not that I’m aware of.


911: All right, cause I got a couple deputies on the way. How many people involved, just you and him?


RW: Right now there’s ah … the guy that’s with him hasn’t done anything but Mr. Braxton’s actually laid his hands on me.


911: He has?


911: What’s his first name?


RW: Van Braxton.


911: Van Braxton?


(heard in the distance) Braxton: Tell them I’m going to file a complaint.


RW: He wants to, uh, he wants to file a complaint on me for receiving stolen property as well, if you would send them on out here.


911: OK, they’re on their way, what’s Mr. Braxton … did he arrive in a vehicle?


RW: He’s in a red Ford pickup, Wynn Odom Ford, tell them to come on.


911: OK, they’re already on their way, OK, he’s in a Wynn Odom Ford?


RW: He’s in a Ford, a red Ford truck, got a Wynn Odom uh … he said he would wait right here.


RW: He going by to get a (unintelligible) down here in the yard as he did in Raleigh so …


RW: (To Braxton) I know one thing you didn’t do.


Braxton: What is that dumbass, what’s that?

 Wiley hangs up and a dial-tone is heard.