Morning News Report; Sept. 8, 2010


A new median on Hill Farm Road (thanks BHatch!) is upsetting drivers who want to leave Walmart to get onto U.S. 70.

My take: I really can’t understand why it’s there; why not just install a traffic light there instead? One thing it does is assure me that I will always exit Walmart on the U.S. 70 side — or go the 200 to 250 yards up Hull Road and exit behind Walmart.

Regardless, I loved this comment from “truesource” on the story: “The fact is no matter what you do, no matter how good the reason, people are going to complain, gripe, moan, or go and kick sand. If the good Lord himself took a two week vacation in Kinston, some people would complain that there was to much eternal light, to many angels flying around, or that the harp music was too loud.”

Awesome. And he/she is right! 


A Florida minister is planning to go forward with burning about 200 Qurans – the Muslim holy book — on Saturday, Sept. 11, despite pleas from U.S. government officials and threats from Islamic leaders.

My take: Wow, a gutsy — and stupid — decision.

While I respect this minister’s Constitutional right to protest however he chooses, I’d guess he’s probably got a target on his chest now. And that .40-caliber pistol he’s wearing isn’t going to protect him too well when a bunch of Islamic idiots attack him (or his family).

And that leads to the bigger point here — because idiots in other countries do similar things (burning the American flag, etc.), that means we should do them, too? I don’t think he realizes that the images sent to Muslim countries of him burning the Quran are going to put our soldiers and Marines in greater danger — and that’s what makes this decision that much more stupid.


The Kinston Indians begin their chase of a 2010 Carolina League championship tonight in Winston-Salem against the Dash. Games 1 and 2 of the best-of-5 series are in Winston-Salem tonight, with Games 3 and 4 (if needed) are in Kinston on Friday and Saturday.

My take: And this is the season the K-Tribe are probably going to win it all. They essentially did nothing for the first 80 percent of the season, went on a 9-game winning streak to lock up a playoff spot and cruise into the playoffs having won 11 of 14. They’ll have to beat a Dash squad (isn’t that a weird name for a team?) that dominated the Tribe most of the season.

And I’ll be in Winston tonight if any of you bloggees are going to be there. Go K-Tribe!

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Come Out And Play — The Offspring

I’m Your Boogie Man — K.C. & The Sunshine Band

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As of 11:45 a.m., these people haven’t joined the HBFL Online: Darren Becton, Seth Jones, J. Taplie Coile, Michael Moon, Jon Dawson and Brent Pelletier; those who haven’t yet joined the HBFL Live are Lee Wetherington and Charlie Casey. Get in there, guys!

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Morning News Report; May 20, 2010


Kinston High School Principal Wynn Whittington, who is an E-6 with the U.S. Coast Guard, has been sent to the Gulf Coast to help with the BP oil clean-up.

My take: Many props to one of the good guys in our area — hope to see you back here soon, sir. Thank you for your service to our country.


If you’re traveling to Pakistan and want to check your Facebook account … think again. Because there is a page on FB encouraging followers to draw pictures of the prophet Muhammad, the Pakistani government has banned the social networking site until at least May 31.

My take: Hilarious. Makes me wish I was an artist. Here are a couple of my favorites, though:




Hope no terrorists come to Kinston to kick my ass.


Floyd Landis, who denied using PEDs for years even after testing positive and forfeiting his 2006 Tour de France title, has admitted that he was doping for years. He’s gone as far as to accuse Lance Armstrong, among other top American cyclists, of doing the same.

My take: I think your credibility takes a serious hit when you deny, deny, deny and then admit. Remember Pete Rose?

My gut says Armstrong has probably doped at some point in his career — how can there be this much smoke without there being a fire? But I just hope Liar Landis simply disappears into the horizon; hopefully, we’ll never hear from him again.

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